Mid-September dark pinup à la carte!

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Lars Kommienezuspadt
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Hey, everyone! This is night number three! The third consecutive night I’ve been back to blogging, which makes me feel like I am finding some balance in my life for the first time in 8 months. I even managed to watch Scream with @guthrie. No idea why, but he’s been wanting to watch […what I consider the worst of the slasher films] for weeks now. I had a full day at @caffetto, seeing friends, editing and ended the evening with some family time. It does feel like I’m finding my way back to a fulfilling life. Tomorrow I have a therapy session in the morning and will be making a run to drop chicken of the woods mushrooms off to friends.

As far as the photography I want to share tonight, I have three new images from three separate shoots. The first is from a session I recently did with a designer, hairstylist, sculptor and decorator here in Minnesota named Rachel. I’ve known Rachel for years and this was our first time collaborating together in front of the camera. Before the pandemic, she bought a home 45 minutes outside of Minneapolis. Since then, she’s slowly been turning it into a gothic fantasy estate called Black Swan Manor. This was my first time being there in person so I brought my camera and we took a few photos just for posterity. What an incredible home.

This next photo is from Viva Las Vegas. I recently did a post with a model named Rachel that was shot on the Las Vegas Strip. In that blog, I wrote about how I had to rush to a second shoot right in the middle of the first shoot and make pictures as the sun was setting. This shot of a pinup and burlesque performer named Minxie was taken just after sundown in her hotel. These images evoked a lot of memories for me. The style and noir lighting is reminiscent of when I first broke into the pinup scene in Los Angeles in 2012. I was shooting with a prominent model named Doris Maybe and Minxie even looks striking similar to her.

Lastly, this shot was taken during Viva Las Vegas as well. It was during the last few days of the trip. I was exhausted but was overtaken with that creative high when I finally began shooting with Chelsea. She was so beautiful and so elegant that it was near impossible not to take a stunning photo of her in my hotel. I came up with some creative ways to make the space more interesting, but her long fingers and neck created drama in the compositions. She was also into much of the same music as me, so the time together was spend bonding over similar interests. Can’t wait to get to more from this shoot.