Reunited w/ Stephany in Los Angeles!

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Lars Kommienezuspadt
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Hey, Hive family! This is the second night I’ve managed to carve out some time for a blog post. I was in the comments with @bozz yesterday talking about balance. It’s true, if I ever felt a ton of pressure to post, I probably wouldn’t, but if weeks go by and I haven’t made the time to write or share new work on the platform, it is kind of a barometer for where I am in my life. I’ve been in crisis mode for about 7 months and far from feeling like things are stable but to a point that I’m getting @caffetto sessions in for work again, able to make things like Hive a priority. It does feel like I’m finding an equilibrium.

So, with the time I’ve beens spending getting back to art and photography, I finally got to some edits of my friend Stephany. We shot in Los Angeles the week before Viva Las Vegas at the Clarke Gable estate mansion. This was actually the third time I’ve shot with Stephany. She took part in a shoot event during Viva the previous year, then booked a session with me in Minneapolis about four months later. Finally being able to meet with her and collaborate in LA was such a pleasure. The location was perfect and she booked with one of the most talented hair and make-up artists on the west coast. We couldn’t miss.

One thing I love so much about Stephany is how versatile of a a model she is. Every time I see her in front of a camera, whether it’s with me or someone else, she brings and entirely new look. She is such a chameleon in the best sense. For this shoot, she had a classy hair style with dramatic make-up and several outfits that commanded attention. It was also an extremely fun shoot. We’d become good friends since that first session a year earlier and we went from room to room in the estate trying to find the best setting to make pictures. Afterwards, we went out for dinner and caught up.

I’ll have one more set of edits coming from this shoot with Stephany but with @guthrie back in school again, I can get long sessions in at the coffee shop and start tearing through the work I owe. I’m currently working on a commission as well. Illustration for a friend of mine that hire me to come up with a logo. Not the most exciting work but while we’re in the bear market, I’m grateful for whatever work I can get. For now, I’m going to wind down with some reading and get to sleep. @guthrie has to be up in a few hours. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photography. Have a great night!