Vouchers: To Buy or to Sell

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Hello fellow TCG enthusiasts!

I hope you all are doing fine today.

I'm going to keep this post quite simple. At this point plenty of others have thrown their how-to guides out there on how to buy and sell Vouchers and Chaos packs so instead of going through that here is a link to a guide written by @forexbrokr that I thought was short to the point and better than most. Note that to buy a voucher, you would effectively start from the bottom of his post and work backwards.



Now as far as if you should buy or not, lets start with the current market rate of Vouchers:

As you can see vouchers are selling between 23.56 and 26.498 Hive which at this moment is worth $17.81 and $20.03. To make it simply lets just say $20.

At the same time, Chaos Packs are selling for 14.50 and 15.19 Hive or $10.96 and $11.48. For here lets again make it simple and call it $11.


Voucher benefits

If you are here reading this you probably already know but the reason vouchers are valued higher than packs is because they are tied to the pre-sale promotions that Splinterlands is holding. Namely, if you are lucky enough to get a hold of 50 vouchers and buy packs with them you'll get a guaranteed promo card which rumored to be the new Dr Blight character from the Chaos Legions lore. Further 1000 packs gives an incredible title worth 100k SPS airdrop points AND a guaranteed gold foil version of the promo card.


Note: Only packs purchased by YOU via the in-game store will count towards the promotion. Packs purchased from the market only hold a value of 300 airdrop points and the intrinsic value of the cards within.


Your Options

  1. Buy/Use Vouchers and hold your packs
    (300 airdrop points each +2% promo chance)
  2. Buy/Use Vouchers and resell your packs
    (Hive value of pack ($11 + 2% promo card chance)
  3. Sell any Voucher points you have
    ($20 per voucher. Can be sold in partials)
    *Note: Any use of a voucher to buy a pack also requires paying for the pack.

Lets take a look at each now:

1. Use and hold
When taking this option the opportunity cost to you is effectively ~$24, or the money you could have made selling the voucher + the cost of your pack. In this scenario you are essentially paying $20 for a 2% chance at the promo card. You will receive your 300 airdrop points which is comparable to buying $4 worth of DEC ($4 = 300.75 DEC at .0133).

2. Use and resell
For this option you are still using your vouchers but you are regaining some cost via the sale of the pack. People taking this option are solely interested in trying to obtain the promo card and are basically buying lottery tickets for it. For this option your opportunity cost is around $13 ($20 voucher + $4 pack - $11 resale) however you are also losing out on the airdrop points AND you risk not being able to obtain packs easily later on. This is arguably the choice I would consider to be the worst, but you do you.

3. Sell
This is the option I recommend to most of you. With the cost of vouchers at ~20 you are FAR better off simply selling your vouchers or partials and just buying cards or packs later.


Closing Thoughts

I think you should sell without even thinking about it. That said, I understand the hesitation here. If you sell, you'll miss out on a free promo card but its almost guaranteed to not be worth it. Don't fall victim to the hype. To demonstrate lets do some quick math and for simplicity lets ignore the cost of packs themselves.

a. Promo cards require 50 vouchers to obtain which means you will have an opportunity cost (effectively spend or give up sales) of $1,000 to obtain one.
b. The promo card will have a print count somewhere around 20,000 as it is a 2% chance for 1M packs.

With these 2 details you should really ask yourself; is $1k worth it to spend on this card and would I rather have 250 packs instead?

To put things into perspective lets talk about another really well liked promo card, the Halfling Alchemist. To start off, this is a great card but it is far from $1k currently selling for $94 which is reasonable for a promo card. It has a print count of 15k which means it is already going to be far more scarce than this new promo card and since it is older, it will likely have a higher CP value too.

Good luck out there!

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