RE: 'Cancel Culture' And The Parameters Of Free Speech on LeoFinance - Is Something Amiss Or Am I Missing Something?

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This happens frequently on Hive but never happens with this account

I would not imagine you going after accounts in a vindictive and punitive manner like some big accounts previously have on the blockchain, and how the person who posted the first meme feared you might.

Whereas downvoting in general is a personal matter, one of the meme downvotes came from a big LF 'community' account and the other from the personal account of the 'CEO' of LF. This is a clear signal with undeniably 'official' overtones within the LF ecosystem. The meme was not anti-semitic in spite of the accusation. However, the meme was also not irrelevant to the general topic as it spoke of the wealth of a family involved in banking and the use to which this wealth has/is being put. Regardless of one's opinion on the accuracy of those statements, the meme itself and the brief text comment ("Musk is just a dog-boy...") cannnot be justifiably accused of being "entirely irrelevant to the actual content itself". The user has now recovered his rep, but being hammered down to single-digits is a pretty brutal experience, especially when unfairly accused out of the blue and finding oneself beaten up by powerful allies of the unfairly accusing voice.

What happens when the accusing voice voices a LIE? The voice that shouted out the falsely applied label of anti-semitism - not just once, but twice, and against two different folk, neither of whom had displayed any anti-semitism.

  • The particular instance of this falsely accusing voice as per the drama on the 'meme' post appears to have a form of official support and sanction from LeoFinance.
  • This support implies a tolerance by LF of what is a manifest example of 'Cancel Culture'.
  • This is a dangerous precedent. This is unsettling because it is appears to be potentially considered acceptable

These are the points that I wished to raise.

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