Investment isn't Fun: The Conversation you don't want to have.

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When I woke up by 5am today, I brought out my phone and opened my WhatsApp. There I saw a message from @onos-f sharing his plight on his investment experience.



Investment isn’t fun. Yes, in fact, it is a discomforting and painful exercise. I will tell you the truth without mincing words!

How do you expect me to ignore the purchase of this wonderful wristwatch I’ve been drooling over to get for four months, and tell me to save up my money instead? Save it up, for what?

How would you tell me to rule Jordan Jumpman Pro Shoes out of my buy list because my only source of income is my 9 – 5 job and then you want me to invest rather than enjoy my money? If I die, of what use will it be? Do I look like a joke to you?

Isn’t it better I enjoy my money as it comes now? To enjoy the present moment; the future will fend for itself.

Isn’t it better I live everyday from hand to mouth? At least, I eat; at least, I survive; at least, I grow!

I don’t understand why you are so worked up about this investment shit! What about if I don’t get any returns? What about if I lose my capital? What about if I invest in scam?

Isn’t it better I “mind my business”; work my 9 – 5 job and get paid; then use the money to purchase whatever I want?



I don't know why it looks as though he is shouting at me, but I don't blame him; thats how he sounds most times he is short tempered and gets provoked easily.


I've been thinking of the best way to respond to his message, the best approach to take and the necessary points to highlight.

It will be a difficult one for me because I am also swimming in the aqua of similar mishap.

I've had my fair share of disappointment on investments' returns and I became prey to some scam "investments"; Ponzi, MLM and unproductive shitcoins.

Also, at some points I've also asked why the need to invest in an uncertain future when I can't afford my present wants.

Still yet, I try not to be discouraged in my quest to invest.



I see investments as having Plans for the future. In as much as we are uncertain about the future, and what it holds, would you rather you had a future where you have to beg for daily sustenance, when your investment today will nip it in the bud?

I bet you'll answer a No!


As gotten from the Wikitionary English Dictionary mobile application, investments is not exclusive to money alone, rather it also includes our time and energy for future benefit.

Hence, I'll identify 3 different things we need to invest in and why we should invest in them.


Did you see this one coming?


We underplay the importance of investing in our health, when it is in fact much more important than every other investments, except if we dont plan to enjoy the fruits/benefits of such investments.

Taking timeout, resting, eating good and healthy food, doing regular exercise and constant health checks are part of the ways we invest in our health. By doing this, we play our own part in living a healthy lifestyle, so that we can live longer without unnecessary sicknesses.


It is also crucial that we invest in our skills. This would mean that we take out time and energy to learn new skills, to develop old skills, to become professionals, and to get equipment that will enhance our productivity.

For instance, my brother @starstrings01 invested his time, energy and money into learning Web development. It has been a difficult ride for him, with lots of assessments and projects. He has to endure, learn and become a professional. The same with @khaleesii who is also following the same path in her unique way.

@wolfofnostreet also got an amazing mic that brings out the clarity and "pureness" of her Amazing voice.

@eugenia7499 has also been investing her time trying to learn how Hive works in order to become a better Hivian.

All these are different ways we invest in skills: either learning a new skill, building up/developing an old skill, or buying equipment to enhance productivity.


Finally, we all know how important and difficult this can be. We know how it involves sacrificing our present needs for future gains; our present satisfaction for generational wealth/future goals. Indeed, it comes at a great price, especially when we are struggling to make end meets.

Amidst this obvious sacrifice involved, it costs a great deal to identify real from fake investment opportunities. We should learn to curb our Greed when identifying real investment opportunities. When they appear too good to be true, ensure that you unravel the negative implications and ascertain if you can handle it (when it happens).

Investors are RISK TAKERS! So, be ready to take the risk if you want to tread along this path.

However, financial investments can be a life saver; it helps in solving our financial issues, to a large extent.


So this is just me thinking aloud. I still dont know how I'll respond onos-g's message.

I'll appreciate your help in the comment section below.

By the way, I got the message from onos-g not @onos-f 😅😅 Fictional Character

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smiles... truth is that there is nothing that does not involve risk. Not investing and being safe is actually a risk itself to take. it is a risk for your future because you actually make it more unpredictable for you.

It is best to take the risk now and know that your tomorrow is being taken care of already. It would reach a certain point that you don't need to take as much risk as you did before all because you have planted a lot of effort in the past.

Just imagine bill gate, if he decides to stay at home still he dies, he would still have money coming in his bank account everyday.

7 mo

Pure wisdom!

Whether you like it or not, you're still taking risk. So which is better: Take the risk that will be of great benefit to you or take the one that don't have any benefit aside promoting laziness.

Thank you so much for your input 🙏

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anytime my lord!

7 mo

Haba naaa
Comrade fear God 🥲


That's right, it's because of their laziness that will stop them from taking necessary risk.


The thing is why won't someone want to invest because of those beautiful excuses? No matter the excuse we want to give, the reason why someone will not want to invest in the first place is because they are lazy, they don't want to do extra work.

You're absolutely right, not doing anything is even more risky than doing something but they do not know this.


Very true
Really an educational one
Truly truly it's best to invest in yourself. Yes it takes time and requires consistency and hardwork. But doing it is actually worth it

As well people really need to stop investing with greed
Because once you are moved by greed, the result would always be something else

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Such a wonderful comment 👌

Investing in oneself is very crucial as it has a huge impact on your future. If you sleep on it today, who NOSE how your tomorrow will be. And tes, it requires time, CONSISTENCY and hardwork.

All forms of Greed should be curbed in every way 👌


I like the third point. It's pretty good to invest into one's financial life that would help to cushion other potential effects in life.

7 mo

It has a lot it can do for ones future.

Thank you so much for checking out my post.
I'm grateful


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Thank you so much 🙏


So, nicely written. Creative I say!!

It's a serious topic and very important.

But yeah, to invest you must first have goals -

and some goals can be just exciting

Like saving up for a holiday travel to some great place in the world...

You invest also to grow your wealth not for the time when your old and retiring tommorow ...

also for the nearer future ...that's 3 to 5 years.

You need more money each year than you earn, and you need to have passive income.

Passive income can even be you made so much money to buy real estate which you put out on rent... exciting things...

So, you start by evaluating your goals, and your financial position and starting to invest according to your risk profile.

If you have less money maybe you can make a safe less risky investment...

You should also learn about investing and grow your knowledge so you know and get clarity on what to do!!

Like Bank fixed deposits, then mutual funds, stocks, crypto... and you have Govt. bonds etc...

So, you evaluate... even in stocks and crypto you have safe investments like Bitcoin is... if you hold it for 3 or 4 years, capital appreciation.

There are recognized and well established trusted projects, then others that are new.

So, invest according to your risk profile and keep learning about these things... it will give you the formula to grow wealth.

There are books, and people like Warren buffet you can read their material and gain ingsights, its always helpful.

You have to be smart and take risk and balance... other is certain and future is not but preparing for the future, so its better than today is always a worthy investment.


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What your fictional friend said was not far from the truth but that will be the most foolish thing he will ever do. Investing like you said it's not only money wise there are other things we can invest too.

I once heard a lesson about investing, the person tried to draw the lesson from the Bible, he said in every bread (income) God gives to us, there is a seed in it and if we eat both the bread and the seed how will God bless us? No wonder the book titled the richest man in Babylon advised that for us to not lack, we have to take something out of our earnings daily that we won't use no matter what and that is what I would call a seed.

When we are blessed financially, it's wise that we keep in store because there will come days when we might not have any source of income. King Solomon in his wisdom advised us that we should go to the ant and learn their ways, why? It was because, the ants during the dried season they gather their foods and when it's the rainy season, they eat what they've gathered.

From that example, we will understand that there are times when we won't have anything so we have to be wise enough to lay in store for those times.

I knew I was going to enjoy this read and I'm so happy I did, thank you for sharing this with us dear.