Hivestats is Faster Than Greased Lightning Now!

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frens, we have gotten another amazing update to Hivestats right before the year end. The LeoFinance team is chugging along working and expanding their team to make things happen fast. After onboarding a new dev, Hivestats got updated for Christmas and then again! Man, it always amazes me how fast these guys build.


Hivestats V3 - Phase 2

I wrote about the Phase 1 update a few days ago so feel free to check it out. This phase of Hivestats V3 added the Featured LeoFinance posts to the top of the interface. Great way to drive organic traffic into the Leo community. Hopefully I'll catch one of my posts up there one day! They also added the LEO and CUB prices as well as the CUB APY and pool APY.

With Phase 2 - we can see our HBD interest here. Click on Analytics and you can get a glace at your earnings from HBD in Savings. This calculation will give you a kind of forecast on your HBD earnings from what you have in Savings. I know, shame on me for not having anything inthere. I need to start building it but you know.. bills and such.


Perhaps the most major part of this update is not something you can visually see. The backend code has been heavily optimized making it 60x faster. Holy shit - what a bold claim. But when you click on Analytics, it loads nearly instantly. Prior to the update, I would click on Analytics, go to a different tab, and come back hoping it would load. It's like greased lightning! Without a doubt 60x faster. Faster than the greased up deaf guy from Family Guy.


I use Hivestats daily to try and optimize my curation. I haven't quite figured out the perfect formula and I have a bad habit of throwing around votes like crazy. I'll figure it out eventually! Being able to see my account growth and earnings all neatly organized is so convenient. Never used Hivestats? Do yourself a favor, and go to the Hivestats website and take a peak at your account. Needing some inspiration? Check out your favorite creator or curator's account and see how they earn. We have all these amazing tools, we just need to use them. I can't wait for the addition of the "Opportunities" tab where you can see different earning opportunities. Who doesn't like passive income?

I just want dark mode.

Everything else is coming along amazingly well. Keep on making magic happen with your apps. If we built it, they will come. Just add dark mode and my life will be complete.


Thanks for reading! Much love.

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Wow, they are making developments so quick. They must not sleep haha


That's what I'm saying! They're working like machines.