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*Community pages have officially launched on LeoFinance.



Community Pages

This is a feature that I've been hoping for for a long time, and it's something that could drastically change the game for LeoFinance. One of the major things that people look for when they're consuming content is content that they're interested in. Hive can be a lot in terms of finding content just because of the insane variety, and tags don't really help because they're so rampantly misused. This is something that I love about Reddit.

If I want to see all kinds of content, I can either browser my feed or go to All. If I want specific content, I visit specific subreddits. Now, we can do the same thing with LeoFinance. If I want to read find content about ThorChain, I can easily navigate straight to the community page and consume all the content I want without all the other noise.

The beauty is really in its simplicity. People want to be able to control the content that they consume. This adds yet another filter to that lens, if people want to use it. The other side of this is, we can attract more outside users that have no idea about Hive or don't care to read Hive content.


Communities was released just a couple hours ago, and it's in *live beta**. There are going to be bugs. There are going to be issues. Devs are working in the background round the clock to resolve any issues. There's a typo on the Splinterlands community page, and that is to be expected. There's something exciting about seeing features be developed live.

Let's talk about the other side of this for a minute. Bringing the outside in. With the addition of Communities, we have the ability to onboard entire communities to LeoFinance at once. Often, people that want to find content related to ThorChain or any other crypto project, they're going on a web2 platform like Twitter. Twitter has turned into a mess with lots of scams, bots, and much more now that it has become a kind of default for crypto content.

Imagine being able to grab a few of those users' attention by giving them the ability to earn from their content. If everyone that's interested in ThorChain even happens to click the link to the LeoFinance community page and sees the amount of content... Odds are, they're going to stay on that page for some time. Maybe they even see the rewards people are earning, and click that Sign Up button.

In just a few seconds, that Twitter or Facebook user that clicks Sign Up is able to create a Hive account with their web2 account. Then they're able to start engaging right away.


What really catches your attention right away is that the price feed. Typically these communities are going to be for different crypto projects, but based on the AMA there can be exceptions. Projects like Splinterlands and ThorChain have a token, and the people in those communities care about the price of that native asset. You get your price feed right there in the header for the community.

If you're just clicking on different community pages and you've never heard of the project, all the info you need is front and center. You' going to get links to information about the project and their official website. You're also going to get their official social links such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc... In case you still want to engage those communities on web2.

The other major thing you'll see front and center is the Community Moderators. The moderators are Hive users that are well known typically, that curate content. The way the feeds for these communities work is in the background, it scrapes the curation data from all of the moderators and then builds the feed. Any ThorChain content curated by moderators is indexed in the community page feed and then it is ranked by vote weight.

If you're not seeing how this is a big deal yet... Take a look at Reddit. Reddit is the biggest community on the internet. Literally the front page of the internet. It's got the exact same style of communities with its subreddits. The impact of this feature can be huge, but it's our job to bring the outside in.

It's time to start Tweeting at those communities. It's time to start posting links to these pages on Reddit in the subreddits. It's time to bring the next 1000 monthly active users to LeoFinance.


Thanks for reading! Much love.

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