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I think it's perfect timing to get people educated about WAX. I've been using it for years and play games on it daily.

Never had an issue with it myself, what are you having?

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Wax had an issue yesterday and it even has an announcement in their discord, #tech-updates. But, it seems the team already deleted it. If you scroll up #main-chat, you can see that it had an issue yesterday about transactions being slow and not getting through. Everyone got that.

It's already solved tho

Last information in #main-chat


Interesting. I didn't have any issues doing a shit ton of transactions yesterday. Thanks for letting me know

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Sure 👍. For me, the transactions were done around 20% or after I tried it around 3-5 times 🤔. Even TAG (The Adventurer's Guild) got that issue too... It's like a few hours I stayed to not doing any transaction if it's not urgent.