The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Gameplay - Grinding Some Quests!

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I've been hanging out in The Sandbox lately playing through their Alpha Season 2 quests... I have to say - it's pretty damn fun.



Play to Earn Raffle

So along with the announcement of a ton of new experiences for the second season of alpha testing, they dropped a bomb on us. That bomb is that everyone can participate for a chance to win an Alpha Pass and earn SAND. In order to be eligible for SAND earnings while testing, you have to have a pass which will cost you a couple thousand dollars. This time though, every quest you complete earns you tickets into a raffle that will be held at the end of the alpha for a pass. This pass would make your hard spent time playing through the quests eligible for SAND earnings of up to 1000 SAND. That's a ton of money! Lately the price of SAND has been hovering around $3.00 with no indication of a dip. They have amassed over 2 million active players since the launch of this second alpha, and I expect that to do nothing but grow.


I've completed quite a few quests - some of which are just running around collecting Voxelite. The more recent ones actually start to require a little bit of skill. You'll get suited up in armor with a sword and shield then fight the hoards of skeletons. More and more quests and new areas are being unlocked every day throughout the alpha period.


The quest that took me the longest to complete was the finding 5 red mushrooms. I had no idea how well hidden they would be. This was when I first acquired the sword and shield then encountered a skeleton. I'm not much of a Minecraft player but I'm getting the vibes. Except without the building shit.


As you complete quests, you can track your progress on the website under the Alpha tab. A little secret that I learned as well is that instead of running around like an idiot like me trying to find the areas by checking portals... You can actually just click on the area on the map and click play.


The Hidden Village was stupid hard to find. I literally could not find the secret entrance to it that people were talking about in Discord. Maybe they were just trolling. I dunno. But I figured out the map trick and it got me there. I believe the next area gets unlocked tomorrow, but it could also be the next day. I'm checking daily. I also recorded some videos of me playing. If you wanna watch me get my ass handed to me by skeletons and shit, check out the video below. I had fun.

Also, if you can't figure a quest out, I showed how to complete a few of them. I'm off to rest my brain. I hope you have a great night/day. I wanna do more gameplay with commentary but my current living situation is a little complicated. Maybe one day.



Thanks for reading! Much love.

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