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**Hello friends lions i have come here to broaden my knowledge about @leofinance and cryptocurrencie in general.I dont have much…

Leo price goes on...stake more and more to my account!

Hi my friends, Today, most of the cryptocurrencies on the board had a positive sign and rise and also some marked a top ATΗ . Our…

Harvard and Yale University on the planet of crypto!!

Increasingly, universities of international prestige are succumbing to the charm of cryptocurrencies. Harvard, Yale, Brown University and…

HiveTorch passed for 219th time! Arrixion its your turn to receive!

Finally, after 217 people who have received the baton to carry this sacred flame of the hive torch, it is now my turn to write a few…

Stake Leo!!

After a while I thought to stake some leos. I stake 300 leo, not much but I want to strengthen my account. In time I believe I will…

Rabona - Soccer Manager - Open Beta Launch on 25th September

Rabona is a method of kicking the football whereby the kicking leg is wrapped around the back of the standing leg–effectively with one's…

Now is time to hold and rewarded my efforts!!!

It is now official that wleo is live and this has an impact on the price of Leo. At the moment the Leo is trading at the price of $ 0.17 /…

Cryptoforecast #2 -2020/09/10- CDT/BTC- Analyzing and predicting next movement

Hello to all traders, Hope that you all are allright, continuing studying & trading. Today I will talk about CDT, a token that I have…

Trying obtain Leo at low price!

As we are very close to the announcement of @leofinance for wleo i trying every day to obtain leo at low price. As you can see to the…

Buy Leo !!

Following the latest developments and the announcements of the @leo team, I bought some Leo by selling some @hive.…

So many people to vote! Only so few votes to give!

It's been I think 4 or something months since I have been actively trying to bring new fresh blood to post on the Leofinance community and…

Staking more and more Leo to my account!

After the latest announcements from @leofinance for wleo I am determined to continue staking leo and continue this difficult task to…

Close to 6000 staked Leo!

Hi my friends... after a long period without a post at leofinance,today i found some time to stake some leo to my account. After stake…

Cryptobrewmaster!!!Leaderboard update!

As i said to my previous post for the game of @Cryptobrewmaster it is a promising game and i will continue to play . The latest…

@Cryptobrewmaster is being upgraded !!

Hello. A while ago, about a month ago I started playing the @Cryptobrewmaster . I found it a very interesting game and so I play every day…

Stake my balance

I had a lot of time to write a post here because of some issues of my life and also limited free time.Now i am waiting for my summer…

Staking some leo rewards

I had a lot of time ago to stake some leo power at my account and today was the wright moment for this.So i stake 44 leo to my account and…

Staking Leo

I feel very nice because i am at the pleasure situation to stake one small account of leo at my account. I am new at the world of leo…

First Post on LeoFinance

Hello leofinance. I am a new member and I learned about the page from @lsteliosfan. I have been involved with the Stock Exchange and have…