Hive - 1 cent this year?

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1 cent for Hive?

When I wake up and see a major dip like 15-35% I get happy. I have sold much of my Hive at higher prices and are openly speculating in a very low price for Hive.

Why I am open about it? Yes it might help myself more if I was not open about it, since maybe my posts will influence the price of Hive against me? Maybe not! I am actually providing a service to my followers and the community by being open about it.

Toxic whales

The biggest reason we need a low Hive price, is to get a better distribution away from all the toxic whales. I have not found one whale who is a flat earther (point me to one if you can), that says a lot and mean that we have brainwashed whales. It will hurt the price for a long time I believe, but I am willing to buy a lot at 1 cent.

Is 1 cent realistic?

Its not very realistic, actually we are around 4 years ahead of an all time low of 7 cents and hitting 1 cent would make a lot of people doubt in Hive, but I would be buying. I guess I will be buying in the 1 - 10 cent range.