Vote results for @hykss LBI Proposal

Authored by @alexvan Dear LBI-lers, thank you for taking part in the proposal vote. We have today the result on the proposal by…

Q/A and Voting Post for @hykss LBI Proposal

Post by @bozz We are getting near the end of our first full tenure as the LBI-GOV team and we finally have a proposal. Due to time…

LBI-GOV team still accepting proposals

Authored by: @bozz Here we are just a little over a month past the initial dividend payout for LBI holders. Hopefully everyone is…

Results of the 3rd votation on Weekly Dividends

[Authored by @empoderat] Dear LBI holders, According to the last post , I'm sharing the results of the last votation (in voting o

Voting upon weekly dividends - 3rdvote

Written by @alexvan Voting upon weekly dividends Dear LBI holders, another 3 months have passed since we had our last vote on the…

Call for the next proposals round - June to December

Written by @alexvan Dear LBIers, as June started, another round of proposals will be open now for the next 6 months. As on the last…

Reviewing the inaugural round of proposals and looking ahead

Written by @bozz As of Friday, the popular voting round for this proposal by @scooter77 has clo

LBI Governance Team: We have a proposal...

Written by @bozz Greetings again everyone! Can you believe it has already been three months and it is time to close the window for the…

Vote results for the LBI hard-cap

Authored by: @alexvan Vote results for the LBI hard-cap Dear LBI holders & followers, Last week we had the call for the vote on the…

LBI-GOV Vote on Hard Cap and Open Call for Proposals

Authored by: @bozz Two items on the agenda for this @lbi-gov post. The first has to do with setting a hard cap for the LBI token.…

Results of the 2nd votation on postponing or not the weekly dividends

[Authored by @empoderat] Dear LBI holders, According to the details shared in the last post regarding the 2nd vote

Voting upon weekly dividends - 2nd vote

Dear LBI holders, 3 months have passed, since we had our initial vote on the payout of weekly dividends. As announced in the…

LBI Gov Team Roadmap

Greetings LBI stakeholders! With the governance election behind us, it is now time for the team to put feet to the ground and get to work…

Official LBI Vote #1 - Selecting governance team

Authored by @silverstackeruk Welcome to this voting post for LBI to select a governance team. This post will be used to collect votes…
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My LBI governance team nomination - @hykss

Hey LBI shillers ! This is my nomination post so here is my "trust me" picture to make you comfortable (or not). It's going to be a…

My LBI governance team nomination - @r1s2g3

I thought about it for long time whether I should nominate myself or not and finally I thought to give it a try. Though I never tried…

My LBI governance team nomination - @scooter77

G'Day everyone. I have been investing more of my time in crypto lately and see the significant benefits of the Leo Backed Investments…

My LBI governance team nomination - @partitura

After some consideration I've decided to nominate myself for the first governance team of the Leo Backed Investment project. Though I am…

My LBI governance team nomination - @empoderat

Hey everyone, This is my self-nomination for the LBI governance team. Honestly, I feel a bit shy about 'selling myself' because I…

My LBI governance team nomination - @alexvan

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