Help a CUB has been put on hold

Hello everyone. This is a hard post to write but behind the scenes of "Help a CUB", we've had a few, well more than a few LBI tokens…

CUBLIFE: Another Income Token

Over the past week, many steps were taken to bring the Cublife token to life. It started with the snapshot of LBI token holders last…

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Polkadot's WILD cousin When you think of Litecoin, you immediately think of Bitcoin. Not…

Airdrop Time

Authored by: @hetty-rowan AIRDROP TIME Today I'm going to disappoint many of you again. LOL. You were of course all waiting for…

Sunday Thoughts

Authored by: @hetty-rowan LBI only from the markets! The fact is, we did it. LBI is hard capped! From now on you can only…

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #20

Hello, LBIer's. What a week it's been for us, we've handicapped the LBI token, took a snapshot last night for a small airdrop of our…

20.30 UTC - LBI Hardcap & 21.00 UTC - CUBLIFE (CL) snapshot

Hello, we have a double announcement today, never a dull moment at LBI. 1/ LBI HARDCAP AT 20.30 UTC TODAY!! 2/ Snapshot for CUBLIFE…

Voting for "Help a CUB ! is open - Please vote and share this post!!

Hello LeoFinance, for the next week we decide on who wins "Help a CUB" Help a CUB Over the past 4-5 weeks, we have been collecting…

LBI Value Up 60.21% Annualized

LBI is nearing the completely of its 5th month of operation. The start to this fund is absolutely incredible. It was modeled after…

The Weekly LBI Contest!

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Wonder what Bitcoin is doing! It's Tuesday again, it's that day that I can make someone happy.…

I told ya so!

Authored by: @hetty-rowan A new gem? Yes, I know… you are probably all waiting for the next GEM in the growing list of coins…

Philosophy of Decentralization

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Tropical Dreams Have you ever had dreams of a life on a tropical is

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #19

Hello LBIer's, another week is over for us and it's been a great week. We announced our new token project CUBLIFE which will launch in 3…

Crypto: Looking Past The Financial

The world still does not understand cryptocurrency. This is something that is getting to be pretty hilarious as we progress further down…

CUBLIFE (CL) from @lbi-token launching 21st May

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBI'ers. We are announcing a new token to be released by LBI in 3 weeks time. This post will explain…

6 CUB's have applied - Read their stories...

Authored bu @silverstackeruk Hello everyone, today is the day!!! Today is the day we start to vote on CUBs for "Help a CUB". We have…

MAKE ME GRIN!! [#helpacub Contest]

#helpacub Hello my fellow Hivians, it's a pleasure as this is my first entry post into the #helpacub contest. ![hand-6895

LBI: Friday's Announcement


Help a cub. My little secrets.

Life has been without ending as things tends to grow even from bad to worst, you try all your possible best but it still seems your best…

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan What a week for SAFEMOON I wrote a whole promotional post last week about the SAFEMOON project…