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Time flies

Hello again! A week is over in no time, time flies, and before we realize it we are old. Lol, no kidding. I didn't realize it was Sunday again, so time to write my blog for LBI again. This week has been a week with many new plans on this side… and that has made me spend a little less time trading. Unfortunately I also woke up this morning with the crypto in my wallet all in red… and that was not so handy because when I went to sleep it was all nice green. So that means I didn't see this coming, and therefor I have not sold at the peak, so trading is not possible today. I First need to see it all in the green again.


In addition, I made a wrong decision yesterday… which cost me over $50. Well, an oops moment, and a slip is part of learning! It makes at least very sure that I shouldn't do it like that again.

But beyond that, I feel good

Because I have not been busy with trading myself this week, in fact even little with crypto in general, it was a bit difficult to think what I would write about. Enough ideas in my head, maybe too many. But to say that those 'LBI are suitable', hmmm not that much. Exciting times will soon be here… and my mind is a bit overflowing with that. And that makes me feel a bit in the clouds. Well, that aside.

Are you in for some goodies?

Today we are going to talk about something completely different… because we are here in crypto. We want to make crypto and money. And those possibilities are there. By the way, have any of you ever swap the 1inch Dex? If so, did you do that before December 24, 2020? Then go and have a look because there is a good chance that you can claim a nice airdrop!

That is something what I want to talk about today.

Airdrops and Bounties!

Nice things in crypto, and yes… we are all waiting for the airdrops that we know will come. I'm not going to talk about that any more today. But besides these well-known airdrops, there are many more to be found. As long as you know where to look for them of course. Fortunately, we don't have to put in that much effort ... there are of course several websites that list that for us. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want that? Free crypto, free money. I immediately admit that I haven't looked at it nearly enough myself, but that has already made me miss a few things. So from now on it will be on my 'to-do-list' to check at least once every week IF new airdrops have been announced, and IF I can participate and how interesting they are. Because some of them are very nice… just think back to the Uniswap airdrop, and now the 1inch airdrop. But there are also airdrops that are not worth it at all.

The site I'm keeping an eye on for that is AIRDROPS

You could also check out AIRDROPALERT

If you don't look, you sure miss it

Incidentally, for both sites, I do not know who keeps track of this, nor whether they are very actively supplemented. That remains to be seen. But in this case a bit applies, if you don't look, you can be sure that you miss it.

If you look around these sites you will also see that airdropalert makes a difference between “Airdrops” and “Bounties”. For both, it applies that they give you crypto. But there is an essential difference.

Airdrops are really gifts

Strictly speaking, an Airdop is something you simply get without having to do anything for it. It comes out of the blue, as it were, a gift because you are holding a token, or have done something on the dex / exchange that is doing the airdrop. Nice to receive, right?

For a Bounty you have to do something

A Bounty is a slightly different story. To receive these you often have to fulfill some small tasks. Think of following their twitter account, joining their telegram group, filling out a form, completing a small quiz… it can be anything but you have to 'work' to receive the donation.

Also things like "Trade up to $ 1000" or "Make a deposit of $ 1000", things like that you often see on exchanges, I saw one from Kucoin passing by today. These are often described as airdrops, but in fact they belong among the Bounties.

Bounties can have higher rewards

It is true that you can often earn more with a Bounty, so if you have the opportunity and the relevant Bounty appeals to you, if the reward is good ... it is certainly worthwhile to pay more attention to this and participate to do.

Next week I hope to have an addition in my 'Trading Adventure'

Next week I hope to be back with a new part in my 'Trading adventure', and tomorrow I will be back with a new look at a crypto that I found somewhere in the jungle of Coinmarketcap.

Have a nice day for now… and hope to see you again tomorrow.


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