Has the tiime for investing into crypto been and gone?

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Hello LBI'ers, we are all aware that the crypto bullrun is starting to kick off and we are seeing x2-5 returns on many popular crypto's. The media has reported on this but there is nowhere as much media attention as there was during the end of 2017 so there is a lot of room for growth and I hope crypto, in general, gathers a lot more media attention as we move further into the year. From the few posts I have seen mainly from UK newspaper feeds, most have been about BTC hitting new all-time highs and the most recent one was asking if it was to late to invest into BTC.


I can't imagine what it would have been like back when BTC was trading for $1 and investors were holding off buy orders to save a penny per BTC they bought. If they had known it would be trading for $37k 10 years later, they would not have cared so much about saving 1% on their investment. Looking at the price of BTC today at $37k, will we in 10 years be looking at BTC and thinking, damn...BTC was for free when it was trading for $37k? What about LEO for $0.45? What if Khal releases some defi project that turns into a beast and we see LEO hitting all the crypto news streams as the newest token to see 10,000% gains with hundreds of millions of dollars of new money flowing into the ecosystem. Maybe that will not happen but we've all seen stranger things happen in crypto and fact is, it could happen.

BTC will not replicate its past 10 years performance for the next 10 years as it's grown from something with a market cap of a few million dollars into something with a market cap of a few hundred billion dollars and each time the price doubles, the market cap has to double as well, that does not mean the other newer cryptos dont have the potential to produce 100x returns over 10 years and that BTC will not 10x itself in 10 years. Half of the cryptos in the top 10 ranked by market cap have been around half the time of BTC and im sure in 5 years, the top 10 ranked by market cap will look different than it looks today and contain things that not been released yet.

Even when we look at the tokens that already exist people say that chainlink could be a top 5 tokens someday, vechain or Zilliqa could become top 10 cryptos by market cap within the next 12-18 months, Pokiadot is a potential ETH killer and Cardano they say will go crazy 2021. We could also look at LEO as the best performing tribes token on HIVE through its innovation and consistent push towards achieving its goals and question will it continue to grow in dollar value. One thing we knew about LEOFINANCE is they normally deliver what they say they will, based on their roadmaps, there is no multi-month build-up for disappointment when announcements are made and being centralized has given the LEO team the freedom to do as they see fit based on there interactions with the community without any of the strings that are attached to decentralized governance.

When LEO first launched, I liked it. It quickly became my favourite frontend to read content as I like financial content and LEO was the first sub-account created for SPI based on it being a financially based tribe. I never had that much faith in its token price, it was just another tribe giving away free tokens for using their tag be it my favourite frontend to read from our not. Over the past year, I have watched and witnessed Khal and his team deliver on what they said and even more. When you can turn someone that see's the token as a free reward into an investment, you've earned trust. When I see people asking is it too late to invest in LEO, I think long term no because we can expect more innovation and LEO's use cases to increase. Khal is onto a winner with LEOFINANCE and he knows it, I would guess most of his day is spent thinking are working on something LEO related. Do you think Khal thinks about LeoFinance when he's in the shower? driving/walking around? are eating his dinner? I bet he does.

LeoFinance has shown over the past year, it will deliver what it says and I believe that past actions can be used as an indicator of what will happen in the future. 18-20 months ago, I saw LEO as another tribe token but it's proven it's self to be worthy of its value, so much so that we can launch an independent LEO backed token that collects 200,000 are 3.34% of the total circulating LEO supply within 4 weeks of launch. If you had said to me 18 months back, "here SSUK, your gonna help start a LEO backed token and we'll issue almost 200k in the first month", I'd have asked you to share your drugs with the rest of us. Time makes fools of us all eventually.

LBI has been set up to be a long term investment for LEO token holders. As time goes by, I am sure others will build projects using LEO tokens. If we can create an investment token, others can as well. wLEO is open to be used for anything that can wrote into a smart contract. LBI is just the first of many tokens to be priced in LEO as people follow the money. Being the first, LBI has been able to put itself into a great position to ensure it "should" always be the most valuable independent LEO based token within the ecosystem are until someone releases some sort of epic LEO dapp.

LBI has not even started to look into other sources of income yet and we have the support and tons of people ready and eager to get going. Believe me when I say this, I consider this month of January to be a vacation and the work has not even really started yet. We are still in set up mode with LBI, it's gonna take another month is so to get governance sorted and then we can start to explore investments such as wLEO LP, ETH and maybe LEO miners if the prices at the time permit it.

Long term I see LEO performing well in terms of dollar value. Short term, who knows? It might slip to 3.5 HIVE, it might smash through 4 HIVE and never stop. If you questioning whether the price of LEO or any other crypto is too high right now to invest in, consider cost averaging your buy over a few months. You might overpay in Jan and Feb and get some cheap in Mar and then new all-time highs again in Arp.

Who the f+&k knows man? It's crypto madness, we love it and we know what's coming 2021. When crypto is all over the media, tons of new youtube crypto channels have been created, the people at your work are asking you about should they buy into crypto because crypto is trending hard on Twitter and Facebook, the question of is it too late to buy in becomes more feasible.

Hell, the whole 2021 bullrun could turn out to be a false bubble built on anticipation alone, BTC could be trading for $10k next month and the whole of crypto land falls apart into nothingness. Defi could fall apart, tens of thousands of crypto users fall out of love and move on the next thing, the next revolution. I'd bet my pension otherwise (literary) but its crypto madness and anything can happen, let's enjoy the ride. Im banking it never ends.

Quick Updates

  • The token holder vote on which governance model we should end very soon and the results will be released tomorrow.
  • We also put out a quick vote on whether are not to hold off on paying out dividends from the @lbi-gov account which ends tomorrows
  • Apart from that, powering up 100% of LEO earnings and powering up all HIVE earning to delegate to leo.voter.

We have 3 weeks left in January and the LBI token price is locked to 1 LEO for the rest of the month. I can say that when the price does start to increase, it will go up in rounded up increments of 0.05 LEO so if the LBI was worth 1.07 LEO, it would be issued for 1.10 LEO as it would not be that long until it was worth more 1.10 LEO as earnings continue to come in.

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What do you think the LEO dollar price will be in 12 months from now? Just throwing that question out there, would be nice to see some people thoughts.

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