LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #3

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Hello LBI'er's, here we are on our 3rd earning and holding report. I have to say that when I sit down to start crushing the numbers, im like an excited kid that just got a new game to play. I open up about 5-6 tabs, load up all the sites I need to collect information from and then zone out for an hour.

The highlights for this week are we selected a governance model for LBI, someone created a scam LBIM token that lasted a few hours, our LEO wallet is worth around $100k and i had to mint another 50,000 LBI as we crossed over the 200k LBI tokens issued mark. Earnings are up, content is getting more engagement. Lets like at our numbers.


Week 3


What a week!!!, I said last week this weeks target should be 1000 LEO but damn, we smashed it and did 15% more than that with earnings this week of 1154 LEO. At today price, that's around 4400 HIVE and that number blows my mind. Moving on, this week the daily earning avg was 164 LEO. Each day can be broke down roughly into 100 LEO earned from curation, 57 from LEO content reward and 6 from HIVE content rewards. LEO content rewards have increased from 226 LEO last week to 404 LEO week which is the result of token holders and those interested in our content slamming that upvote bottom hard. Let's hope this trend continues as we gather more readers and investors.

To sum up, 1150 LEO earned in a week is nothing short of amazing!


Let's try and beat this week and get over that 1200 line in the chart above. Falling so short of that line annoyes me a little bit. The trend line is starting to take shape nicely, we might have weeks when we earn less than the week before but this trend line will always be a moon-bound direction. I hope so anyway.


Last week curation made up 68% of earnings with content making 24%. Curation rewards this week are higher than last week as we have more LP and content was still able to pull forward to grab a few percent. I like to see the content percentage high, the higher the better. The reason is because curation rewards are consistent so when the content earning percentage increase's it is not because curation rewards are less, its because the content is earning more. Curation earning are consistently around the same. Im very happy with 35% of earnings coming from content. It's encouraging for the content team.


Lastly, total earnings ever from launch in numbers. The numbers total 3452.14 LEO.

Another great week of earnings, we increased on last week and by powering up 100% of these earnings, the foundation of LBI is being built as we speak/read. Check out the lbi-token wallet daily and watch its LP balance increasing.

Holdings are up this week. Get used to reading that first line every week.

We issued around 6000 LBI this week from direct sales, this has means we have now issued more than 200k LBI tokens and another 50,000 batches have been minted. Remember that LBI tokens are still 1 LEO per LBI token for the rest of January, after that the price will increase to fall in line with it's the actual value.


Once again, we see all our assets are LP and around 500 HIVE shown as 175 LEO below.


Nothing wrong with this bar chart, as token sells start to slow down, these bars might flatten out but they should always be heading in a plus direction. Just for fun, I decided to add in an LBI token price chart to track each week's price. For now, as our only investment is staked LEO, the price and total asset value will run in tandem.



Total assets worth in LEO

204,928.86 LEO

Total LBI tokens circulating

LBI token price - 1.0183 LEO


As I said below, this is a great result for a week and I am getting itchy to start finding out the true potential this project has in terms of earnings. If we can pull 1200 LEO from only curation and content, think what we could be earning if we had a big dcity, a ton of LEO miners, sub-accounts running their own projects under LBI, the list is endless and the potential is as much as we what it to be.

Im looking and seeing LBI tokens are in 170ish wallets. How could we increase that number? and cheaply? How many people use LEO? 300-500 wallets sounds like a nice target but how? I'll leave you with that

Thank you for checking out this week LBI earning and holdings post. I love writing these posts so I enjoy you enjoy reading them and looks through the numbers.

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