LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #8

18 days ago
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Hello LBI'er's. Tis the end of another week for us and what a week it has been. This week's earnings are up a little from last week which is encouraging, not by much but a win is a win and we'll take it. Curation rewards have increased this week by around 70 LEO and content rewards dropped by around 45 LEO so 1 hand washes the other and it's all good.



This week we have had a daily average of 153.14 LEO earnings. 50% of this has been powered up and I have sent 50% of our earnings to @lbi-funding to be put toward the wLEO LP we'll do at the end of the month. I fear ETH will have passed $2000 by that time. I market correction in ohh,... 2 weeks would be excellent for us.

Total earnings to date are 9004 LEO. Damn, this time next week we might be into 5 digit profits. That's insane!



We issued a few tokens this week, not many so most of the account growth this week has come from our earnings. Alot of people will have seen that the price of LEO has dropped against HIVE. This is a result of the price of HIVE increasing and we can that here when we look at the total value of the all the staked LEO we hold. The price of LEO in terms of dollars is pretty much on par with last week. Some people will see the price of LEO being traded on the exchange for less HIVE and think LEO is falling when it's steady as a boat in calm waters and holding value very well.

Still targeting 250,000!

LBI token price


Total assets worth in LEO
227,463 LEO

Total LBI tokens circulating

LBI token price - 1.0433 LEO

Im starting to really like the look of this chart. The price of the token just increases by 1/2% every week. It's beautiful...and i think i'll end of that note.

Great week everyone, thank you for the questions and comments.

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