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LBI is going to have an announcement on Friday.

No, this post is not going to reveal any of the secrets that are coming. For some, there is an idea based upon a couple comments and a Tweet that was sent out.

Therefore, everyone will have to be patient for another couple days until we see what is coming.

What we can discuss is the expansion of LBI. The entire premise of this project is to "get rich slowly". Each week, we seek to undertake those activities which can pull in a steady return. We also try to find those opportunities that will provide an above-average return which helps to grow the value of the entire ecosystem.

Part of the future success of LBI is going to come from new ideas. Cryptocurrency is a market that is very immature at the moment. With some of the tools at our disposal, we are seeing the opportunity to implement new projects that can add to the weekly revenue stream of LBI.

This, of course, will only add to the value of the token itself.

Friday's announcement is one such project. It is not all about LBI but it is something that stems from this group. Hence, we are going to see a direct benefit to the token holders as well as future opportunities for the Hive community.

Many heard about the idea of multiple streams of income. This is a method that is used by many to generate wealth. As opposed to relying upon one stream, if there are multiple ones, returns are enhanced. Also, if one dries up, that is not all there is.

LBI operates from the same premise. We seek to proverbial "many irons in the fire" approach. Steady streams coming in from different places is the foundation of what we are doing.

This all started with the basis of Hive. LBI opened up the revenue stream through posting and curating. This is at the core of Hive and for the past 5 month, we took advantage of this. It provides a steady flow of LEO into the account, which this is used to further enhance the growth.

With the introduction of CubFinance, we are able to take some of the LEO acquired and growth that. Leveraging the returns that come from farming, we are seeing healthy generation of CUB there.

The upcoming announcement will be a third leg, if you will, that LBI will establish. Like the other two, it will provide some money coming in whereas there is none right now. We are tapping into another center for a return, which we believe will help our yearly numbers.

It is also a service to the community that many might find beneficial.

This is the basic structure of LBI. With all that is going on with Leofinance and Hive project, we might not have to leave chain to find what we seek. The opportunities presented by others along with our own ingenuity can help to generate the returns that we all seek.

This is the third piece in this puzzle but, I surmise, not the last. We know another one is lurking out that, ProjectBlank. That is going to be exciting since LBI will be one of the largest recipients of that token. Since we are led to believe it is a proof-of-brain token, we will be able to curate content for a steady return.

The point is, consider where LBI will be if there are 10 projects of this nature, all feeding into the value of the token.

As the cryptocurrency industry as a whole expands, we can expect the same to follow with Leofinance and Hive. LBI intends to leverage what is happening to keep the value of the project growing. Cashflow is a vital criteria in token value. Many focus upon the speculation. This project takes a different approach.

What is actually backing the token? Generating projects (or getting involved with them) that can keep increasing the flow toward token value is what we concentate upon.

Look for the announcement on Friday from this account.

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