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Hello LBIer's, Thought today I will talk about the Governance team. For those unaware, voting to select a Gov team for LBI has come and gone, the votes were double-counted and the results updated on the voting post. It was announced on the LBI discord server and a Gov channel has been created for anyone to ask any questions they have to the Gov team.


Who is the LBI governance team?

We had 25 LBI token holders voting and we selected...


They all now have the posting key for @lbi-gov and that's me out. As this account is set up for LBI governance and not so much profit, all content rewards are split between the Gov team as a small compensation so hit their posts with 100% if you value what they are doing for LBI.

Im seeing from their group chat that they will release their first post within the next few days and then we are open for business.

Gov voting and Proposals

Within the next week, we will start to accept proposals for LBI first Governance voting to take place 6 months time. Proposals are a way for LBI token holders to have a say in how LBI is run but we will also host another voting in between governance voting to include things like.....

  • Revoting to decide on postponing LBI dividends for another 3 months at the end of March
  • Selecting a much-wanted/requested gaming team
  • Maybe a quick vote to decide on wLEO LP are bLEO LP im hearing about that is much cheaper on fees
  • Project blank im sure will require a team
  • and whatever else comes up that might need some input

As we voted in a 6-month proposal cycle and a 6-month Gov team term, the below table shows how things should work. The first Gov team terms are for 9 months and this is represented by striking out these out below. Starting on the 2nd proposal cycle, we began 6-month Gov team terms. We could always just opt to vote on the current Gov team if they are doing a great job which im sure they will.

That's it for today

Not a long post today, oh 420 words, my favourite number. Just wanted to make more token holders aware that this is in place and we'll be accepting proposals soon. If you are not already, please visit @lbi-gov and follow this account to ensure you dont miss out on anything.


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