LBI: The Path To Wealth

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LBI could be your pathway to enormous wealth.

Cryptocurrency is an explosive arena. We see potential in many different areas and, naturally, want to be involved with them all. The reality is that few of us have the resources, let alone the time, to be immersed in much of what is offered. Thus, we are forced to make decisions where we focus said resources as well as attention.

For most who are reading these words, the decision was made to concentrate our efforts upon LBI. This is tied to what is being developed on the Leo platform, making our interests aligned with the potential growth that can take place there.

Each of us has different areas of monetary value needed to be considered "life changing". However, for all, it exists with LBI. The only question is does someone have enough for that to come into being.

Over the past couple months, we got a taste of what can take place. Since LBI was modeled after SPInvest, we know there is a track record of how much growth can take place. While the existing financial world thinks 20% is outstanding, that is our baseline. We find that through the combination of both passive and active approaches, we can see returns that far exceed what most consider normal.

This is compounded by the fact that cryptocurrency can be explosive and the industry, in general, is growing at a tremendous rate.

Few really take the time to consider how much money is generated when returns of 40%, 50%, or 70% occur frequently. Is this a guarantee? Of course not. However, SPInvest realized that, and greater, over the first couple years, in terms of the value in Hive.

LBI is going to realize a similar path. Anyone who is following what is taking place understands this is not a short term focus. The Leofinance team has high aspirations. The next main project released will be ProjectBlank. That is going to enrich the holdings of LBI through an airdrop. It also opens up the door for more activity and greater returns.

This is only one of a long line of applications the team is planning on rolling out.

The value of funds can be enormous. On Wall Street, it is not uncommon for them to reach the hundred of billions of dollars. What if LBI achieved just a small portion of that? With the present aim of 250,000 tokens, that would mean a $25 million fund had a lot of value. What does $100 LBI do to your financial situation?

Is that unrealistic? Considering all that is discussed with Leofinance, it is not the most outrageous claim there is. After all, it is likely that the Blank token doubles the value of LBI within a short period of time. That is how powerful this entire model is.

Uniswap dropped a governance token on its users last September. This equates to, today, more than $6 billion that was handed out to users of that application. Leofinance is also dropping a governance token. Again, even taking a small portion of that total, what does that do to the value of LBI?

As you can guess, it will increase it. What is appealing is that the more success the entire Leofinance platform has, the higher the value of the governance token. Having a say in a project that is worth $5 million is nowhere near as alluring as having one in a $50 million. Thus, it makes sense that as the value of LEO, BLANK, and whatever else is released, the more the governance token will be priced at.

Through our efforts, it is possible that each LBI will be worth 2, 3, or even more LEO apiece. Thus, we see an exponential gain as compared to the value of the LEO token itself. When valued in a third currency, such as USD, we can see how both can be increasing, providing even greater returns.

While we cannot say what will happen, the indications are there. LBI could be the path to wealth for a lot of people who are presently involved in it. This is something that will become evident with the first airdrop. Wait until we all see how quickly the numbers can change.

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