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Hello LBIer's

Today we are going to have a little bit of silly fun. Writing posts about stats and LBI is cool and stuff but sometimes we need to be silly and do something different to stand out, something that can engage with more than just our beloved LBI tokens holders.


I was reading through's @hetty-rowan's post from 2-3 days back (Rising Or Falling Star?) and it took me a while to read through the 3100 words she had written. Anyways, just after finishing the post, I went into one of many daily daydreams. I was thinking, what is my longest ever post and then what is the longest post by word count on HIVE? Weird thing to think about but I had an idea.

I was talking to Hetty on DM's and after I awoke from my daydream I floated an idea by her, she liked it and here we are, im sharing the idea for feedback.

I can not find the longest post by word count, asked around LeoFinace server, even google searched it. I know someone could find it out exactly but I dont have the skills and I found something even better.

(snap shot from

Whats "about" mean? Is it 64,002? moving on...

Who wants to break the blockchain?

Ok, ok, so we cant break the blockchain but we could do something awesome and collectively create a 64,002 character post. Told you it was a silly idea but.....pretty cool? I think you'll agree that being part of the biggest ever post on LeoFinace is a small milestone and deserves some sort of reward badge (There are no badges, dont ask)

I'll not talk about the interaction with new users and promotion LBI will get from this but hey, what's good for LEO is good for us. Remember this for later on.

How to make a 64,000 character post?

  • 64,000 characters divided by 200 people is 320 characters per person.

  • Google in the UK (proper English) says the average word contains 4.7 characters, we add 1 on for the space to get 5.7

  • 320 characters dividend by 5.7 is roughly 56 words

64000/5.7 = 11,228 words
200 people adding 56 words each is 11,200 words total


Up to you my friends. We can split into 3 sections to write about. Pick your favourite.

1/ Write something brief about LeoFinace
2/ Make a prediction (about anything) and use the post as a store of evidence so when it comes true, you have a URL to show you're a genius.
3/ Leave a short message for your 3-year future self

How to take part?

Not in this post, in another post released next Thursday because I already have content for tomorrow and Saturday is earnings and holdings report day. So you remember I said what's good for LEO is good for us. Yeah, so...your gonna have to pay to take part in this. More of a donation, let me explain. We are going to do this awesome thing, why not add a cherry on top?

To take part will cost you a minimum of 1 LEO token, there is no limit to how much to can send to take part, 1, 5, 24.712, 100 LEO all accepted. All LEO tokens received from this silly adventure will be burned, sent to @null, goodnight, RIP.

LBI will offer prizes for the top 3 donations and we will not be reporting who has sent what to add to the fun. I had thought about rankings messages by donation size to milk it but that would a/ not be fair to everyone and b/ require more work from me. Im a lazy man guys so top 3 will win something!

Top Donator wins 15 LBI token
Second, win 10 LBI tokens
Third, win 5 LBI token

They are not huge prizes but enough for people to maybe snipe each other in the final days trying to grab the prize. haha.

How will it work? (roughly)

  • I'll put out a post detailing everything next Thursday
  • For 1 week, we collect people's 56-word messages in the comments of that post
  • People can make their donation anytime within those 7 days
  • Your 56-word message and donation do not need to be at the same time, it'll not be checked until after 7 days and the post pays out.

If we collect enough messages, I copy/paste all the messages into a post and upload it.

If we do not collect enough messages 1st time, we post until collect around 200. A goal is a goal, no?

After the 64k character post is upload, we BURN all the LEO donated and give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. I send myself an email to receive in 3 years to remind me to upload a post today (in 3 years) showing all the predictions and all the 3 year future self messages.

It'll be funny to look back on because what I was doing and predicting 3 years ago was wrong, haha. and it's good to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

What do ya think?

good? bad? waste of time? won't work? stupid? ...genius?

Let me know the comments below
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