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Authored by: @hetty-rowan

### Today I want to start with this image posted by @silverstackeruk 3 months ago.
** ![EfcLDDAkyqgrWe7KyyRHXzeiP1CJfhMppnSKMZVKJNX5Ea9ZKnAK9AYT3wZ8s73qaviLLaS5CuvGHBv7u1Cphskv74Fti.png](https://images.hive.blog/DQmeRtixPUSiAdh3MuvM8S9qJ3H2UFg6TtYndpa9A9n8bi5/EfcLDDAkyqgrWe7KyyRHXzeiP1CJfhMppnSKMZVKJNX5Ea9ZKnAK9AYT3wZ8s73qaviLLaS5CuvGHBv7u1Cphskv74Fti.png) *

Time for a memory refresh

This week I have still been trading far too little and more busy harvesting, and unfortunately I had to give that up too as the long-awaited bill has arrived. All that aside. I have been a bit more active in discord again, and that was where the inspiration for today's post originated.

The conversation was about LBI, and the fact that there is a proposal to postpone the dividends for another 3 months.

First, let me say that LBI would not postpone the dividends because we do not want to pay. But simply to make the basis of LBI even stronger so that BETTER dividends can be paid later. As investors may know, doubling your fund for the first time is the hardest. After that it becomes easier because the effect of 'compounding' will weigh more heavily. And as you may know, LBI has a significant number of LEOs staked on the account, making it a significant investment fund at this LEO price.

What we currently earn from posting and curation is actually only a small drop when you put this in relation to the fund we have to grow. It may seem like a lot, but the overall picture is a little different. I would suggest for everyone to keep a close eye on the saturdays post from this account. Every week @silverstackeruk updates everybody with the latest info about our earnings and the token value!

At the moment that LBI would pay dividends, these earnings, and that are only the earnings of the posting and of the curation, are divided into 3 pieces. Of which 50% would be used to pay the dividends. And yes, for those wondering, dividends are paid in LEO. LBI is fully tied to LEO. 40% of the earnings will be used to grow LBI, and 10% will be paid to SPI-LEO for @silverstackeruk's services.


Okay, while we're on the subject of dividends. Yes LBI will pay dividends. But is that the main goal of LBI? The discussion I encountered in discord made me suspect that there are people who have bought LBI, just for those dividends, and actually don't realize that the main goal of LBI is not about dividends at all.

LBI is not a dividend token, but an investment token for the long term hodl.

Yes, we are going to pay dividends, but you should mainly see that as an extra bonus because you are holding LBI.

What LBI is, is quite another story. It's not a token to get rich in the short term from weekly dividends that would blow your style. LBI is an investment token that will increase in value over time! And that could take a long time, but that's why we said from the beginning, “LBI is a long-term investment, a GET RICH SLOW token”. By providing a good basis, LBI can earn more and more, and because we earn more, we can lock more and more LEO in the account, That is why for every LBI that circulates at least 1.10 LEO is currently staked.

With a fund the size of LBI, it takes longer to build a solid foundation, and of course the CUB airdrop has helped very well with that. And it helps very well on a daily basis. But as you can understand it needs more to really grow.

At the moment we cannot complain at all about the growth that LBI is experiencing, and which is steadily continuing. But now with the off-chain investments, a risk factor has been built in that has its influence, and which adds an uncertain factor to the dull certainty of growth that LBI knew.

For people who have just joined, or who have been holding LBI for some time and only base the value on what they see in their Hive-Engine wallet, a brief explanation.

LBI is an investment token that is tied to LEO. For every LBI circulating, at least 1 LEO has been staked on the LBI account. The LEO you pay in @lbi-token when you buy LBI is staked immediately, and does NOT count towards the earnings. Not even in the increase in value. Because we need at least 1.10 LEO per 1 LBI to be able to continue our growth.


The increase in value of LBI can only happen through the earnings that @ lbi-token gets. And those earnings have come from 3 streams for a few weeks now. The first is to post the @lbi-token account here on LEO. The second is the curation via @lbi-token account. And recently via Cubdefi.

In the future, LBI will have multiple off-chain investments, and on-chain earnings will slowly play a smaller factor in LBI's growth. But currently LBI's on-chain earnings are still LBI's most important growth factor.


As long as you don't sell your tokens, you can't lose any value for your LBI purchase. I overheard someone claiming to have bought 15 tokens for about $30 and thought to myself… Hmmm, how did you get to that amount? Until I realized that these tokens were probably bought through the Hive engine market with Hive. If this person had bought his tokens with LEO from LBI itself, this person would have bought at least half cheaper, or even cheaper. Since there is a good chance that LEO was also considerably cheaper back in these days!

However, if you hold onto LBI you can be sure that LBI will not lose any value in terms of LEO. And that's exactly why LBI is valued in LEO, and also the way LBI was set up to start.

Now a short summary of LBI ...

We have been around since December 7, 2020 Every week, LBI income is good for slow but steady LBI growth On December 7 you could buy LBI for 1 LEO per LBI In 13 weeks, LBI has grown from 1 LEO per LBI to 1.10 LEO per LBI We recently launched our first off-chain investment in the form of CUB The community decided 3 months ago to postpone the dividends for another 3 months in order to ensure that the base of LBI could grow faster in the beginning There are currently approximately 200K LBIs in circulation There is currently a vote to postpone the dividends for another 3 months 1 LBI is worth 1.10 LEO in just 13 weeks


I am not the best person to explain everything. But if you have any questions, you can always talk to the founder of LBI, @silverstackeruk, or @taskmaster4450le. LBI has a discord, you can also go there with your questions. And of course I will continue to do my very best to answer this if necessary.

For now, I wish everyone a good Sunday and I would say… See you tomorrow with a new post from @ lbi-token


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