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Find something that works and stick to it.

This is a model for success. It is proven, reliable, and the path to enormous wealth.

Money managers often talk about diversification as a means to protect yourself. Well, following their advice will only protect one from making an enormous amount of wealth. The path to financial fortunes are not made by "being all over the place". This is not a healthy approach. In fact, returns are crushed because when one thing goes up, something else is down.

When looking at LBI, we need to keep this in mind.

Going through the Billionaires Index by Bloomberg, we notice something very interesting. Here is a snapshot of the Top 10.


Reading over this list, something pops out. For the most part, each of those individuals is associated with a particular name. It is not hard to see where their fortunes were made. Certainly, they had other holdings but Bezos is all in on Amazon. The same for Musk with Tesla, Zuckerberg and Facebook, and Page/Brin with Google.

They all were able to ride those companies success to the largest fortunes in the world.

Of course, they were able to influence what happened since they were actively involved with it.

Yet, if we think about it, how is this any different than LBI. We are all actively involved in what is taking place and can influence the outcome.

LBI's future should be tied exclusively to Leo. This is a project that is going to take off and we all believe that. The road map is strong and the amount of money that is about to be generated with this project is going to be incredible.

There is no need to search around for other toys to play with when we have the mack-daddy, Tonka truck in our possession.

Leo is going to keep expanding. That much is evident to anyone who watches. LBI has to be involved in many different opportunities if the community will take action in these areas. Each new development from Leo is a chance for LBI to increase its return.

Over the past couple week, LBI took the step of getting involved in Leofinance's DeFi platform, CubFinance. This is already providing a steady return in terms of CUB tokens, something that many believe will appreciate over time. Of course, this is under the same umbrella and enables us to gain exposure to what is taking place on BSC.

We know at some point, a microblogging platform will show up. This is another opportunity to leverage what Leo creates for greater returns in LBI. Of course, there is the Governance token that was announced a while back that is also on tap. This will offer LBI the potential, we think, to earn some steady income running a node.

The point is that we are all heavily involved in Leofinance and believe the potential. The track record is such that we know development will keep taking place. As these words are written, we are awaiting the arrival of LeoBridge which is going to enable the swapping of ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 (BSC). The benefit for those holding LEO (and CUB) is that it will feed into burning of those tokens.


If you have a thoroughbred you don't stifle it by putting money into a bunch of nags. The focuses and resources head towards the top horse.

With Leo, it is easy to see how we have that. The plan is to make this a foundation of a lot of financial activity that takes place on many different chains. By looking in that direction, the project can be positioned in such a manner that it reaps a piece of all those transactions.

Often going all in carries a degree of risk. However, as the Billionaires list shows, it is also the path to the top. When you see a winner, jump on it.

LBI was formed based upon our beliefs around Leo. Has there anything over the past few months that showed that is misplaced? If anything, we are seeing even more reason for optimism.

Go all in and let it ride.

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