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Authored by : @hetty-rowan

LBI gained 1.2% in less than one month!

27 days ago, @ lbi-token's post was to announce that from then on LBI tokens were being issued. Now 27 days later, the LBI token has already increased 1.2% in value. In just less than a month, this has been achieved through the collaboration of everyone who cares about LBI token. And how great is that?


Sink into daydreams ...

This gives wonderful hope for the future. I couldn't help but sink into daydreams today. How much would 1 LBI be worth on December 7, 2021? Exactly 1 year after the launch of LBI… and how many tokens do I personally have in my wallet? How many tokens will be sold? Has the token already been capped, or are enough tokens still being sold on a daily basis to still further increase the hardcap? How big will @lbi-token's Leo wallet be 1 year after launch? And where are we with this project in 3 years' time? These are questions that are open, and that I will be able to answer here in exactly 1 year and 3 years from now. I hope to say that there has been an incredible growth of the token, and I have no idea how realistic it will be… but how nice would it be if 1 token was worth more than 2 LEO in one year, and that we've reached the 5 LEO in three years from now.

Growing LBI

The fact that LBI is a project for the longer term makes it difficult for me personally to estimate what is within the possibilities, which is a realistic expectation for the first year, but if the first month is an indication ... Then I have very high hopes for a very bright first year. And that immediately begs the question, how am I going to approach it? How am I personally going to grow my LBI?

What is your LBI goal?

I see people buying LBI on a daily basis, and that is a strategy, but of course there are several roads to Rome. The next question, what is my personal LBI goal? I firmly believe that there are many people here who have set themselves a goal and are working towards it. What is your strategy? How are you working towards your goals? And what is your personal LBI goal? What are your expectations of LBI on December 7, 2021? Those were some of the questions that crossed my mind when I sat down to write my blog for today ... I especially invite you to respond here in the comments because I can always get ideas from it.

What kind of blogs would you like to see appear here?

Then another question at the beginning of a new year. 2021 seems to be THE year for the cryptocurrency, after the bear market of the past years, now is the time for the bulls to start dancing. Delicious! We've all been waiting for this. And with these bullruns it is of course easy to write about it, but is that what you want to read here on the LBI account? What kind of blogs would you like to see appear here?

It's all about engagement!

Of course I write 1 cryptoreview blog per week for LBI, in addition there is the contest, which luckily has a lot of engagement and which many people respond to ... But without you all reading our blogs, engaging on our blogs, we cannot build this account as a strong blog account! And we would like to keep you as a reader … So, what do you find interesting to read about here? A bit like the idea of ​​“You call, we write”. And writing a blog isn't the hardest thing there is… as we all know. But keeping readers who like to visit your blog because you actually write what they want to read is a different story. And that is exactly what I want to do for you. So come with the comments, what do you want to read about?

Together we can make it!

Together with you, we will make it a great 2021. BTC is steaming on… Leofinance is busy with developments and the messages about the coming airdrop keep the community busy. There are many exciting projects to follow that I certainly want to shed my light on in this coming year. Enough in prospect ...

Don't forget to vote

Finally, a small reminder… have you actually already cast your vote on the first governance post that last Thursday HERE appeared? If you haven't done that yet, but you have LBI in your Hive Engine, then it might be smart to take a look at this. Follow the account, then you know for sure that you will not miss a blog of this account in the future. And EVERY vote counts. It doesn't matter if you have 1 LBI or if you own 10,000 LBIs. Your vote also is important!

And the first thing you can vote on is important. Namely, Should LBI start issuing dividends now, or whether they will first continue to build on the basis and therefore no dividends will be paid for at least the next three months.

Casting your vote is very simple. You comment under the governance post with YES or NO. Your voice is also important.

For now, I wish everyone a good day and see you tomorrow with a crypto review from this account!


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