The Weekly LBI Contest

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The Weekly LBI Contest

Good evening LBI'ers. It's time for the weekly contest again. And last week it was up to you to predict the price of our own LEO. I don't know why, but there weren't many people who participated. Are you getting a bit of a contest saturated? It is of course a possibility, and you just have to let me know… then I will dive into my 'content creator costume' to see what I can stimulate you with a little more.

But for now we still have a winner anyway.

Although none of you have given the 100% correct answer.


To check the price of LEO I was unable to use Coinmarketcap this week, but fell back on a site I was not familiar with myself. Namely [Coinpaprika] ( I would of course like to hear about it if this is not correct.


You didn't expect this either ...

According to this 'Coin Pepper', 1 Leo was worth $0.94218549 on Friday, April 2 at noon. Did you expect this? Uhm no, I can answer that question myself. None of you expected this to be exactly the same, if you did then this answer should have been in all the comments. Since that turns out not to be the case, I again looked at the person who was closest with his / her prediction.

And this week on behalf of @ lbi-token, I congratulate @oldmans on his prize! Congratulations, the prize will come to you ASAP!


Not the coin you would expect

Then continue with this week's contest, as long as you do not call out other ideas, we will continue for a while. But as you could see yesterday, this week I described a project that has yet to be launched. A bit difficult to predict a price there. We are therefore NOT going to do that.

We're going to predict CUB

To give you a contest now… We are going to guess the prize of our own CUB this week. I believe you are on top of that anyway. And there are enough opinions about it I think. I read “Wen Moon”, “Wen CUB 5” very regularly, and I can think of many more like that. Yeah, of course, you all want to shout out loud that CUB will be $10 at least ...

So just to stay in our own spheres… this week I would like to know what your expectations are for CUB in the near future.

Well, to be precise I would like to hear what you expect 1 CUB to be worth on Friday, April 8, 2021 at noon central European time?

And of course I would like to see the answers for Thursday evening 6 pm in a comment here.

Don't forget to mention the prize you would like to win!

  • Chest 1.) 5 LEO
  • Chest 2.) 5 LBI
  • Chest 3.) 2 SPI

Good luck everyone!

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