The Weekly LBI Contest

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An ordinary flu!

With a heavy head, fever, runny nose, muscle aches, sore throat and all that kind of flu misery, I am glad that my 3 days of posting are over. With difficulty, I managed to do this, and luckily things are slowly getting better.

Last Monday I had an appointment with the dentist, and that is not a hobby of mine, but when I also got a call on Thursday that the dentist had tested positive for covid, it was even less funny. And when I myself started to get complaints that resembled the flu on Saturday, it was time to get a test. The test gave me a negative no covid for me. Relief!

An ordinary flu, but no less annoying. So also today I quickly settle the contest because I again seriously have no idea what the state of affairs is in crypto. I do see that Hive is experiencing a nice increase. Now the question is, do we want this to continue? Or not again ... the lower Hive is, the more Hive you get per blog. The same can of course be said about Leo, but for now Leo doesn't seem to be following Hive's trail either. So a bit of a duplicate ... on the one hand you have Hive who is doing very well now, and on the other side Leo who you expect it to slowly pick up again, but which still doesn't work. Time will tell what it will be...

Now let's take a look at what Lossless Protocol (LSS) was worth last Friday at noon Central European Time.


Coinmarketcap shows me that 1 LSS was worth $1.22 at the time. No one had guessed this exactly, so I went to see who came closest to this price with the prediction. And that was this week...

For the second week in a row

@erikklok, Congratulations on the 5 LBI.


And now it's time for the new contest!

What is 1 SUPER worth this Friday, November 26, 2021 at 12:00 noon Central European Time?

As usual, I'd love to see your predictions appear here in the comments. I wish everyone a nice week.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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