The weekly LBI contest!

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Here we are again with:

The weekly LBI contest!

Another week of the contest is over. Yes, I was bullish about the Telcoin, and even though this little coin has gone through quite a few dips, and is now in a dip again, I still remain bullish… simply because we are still in the plus. The dips never end as low as the point where we made our small investment. So that is already a very positive line that we see with Telcoin. In the meantime, we have also reached an agreement that I can do a bit of trading with the Telcoin, so our small investment has grown, and it's just nice to see my partner's interest.

No, he is not yet completely over to invest in crypto himself. Not that. And well, given our disposable budget, that might be a good thing. Because if the crypto goes into the red again, as now happens with many coins, it is also nice if you do not have to pull it out at a loss. And that would happen if we put everything in crypto. So in that respect it's good that he doesn't let himself get carried away, and keeps his mind together.

I digress I notice ...

On to the order of the day… the contest.

What was 1 Telcoin worth? As you can see below on the screenshot, 1 telcoin was worth $ 0.003604 at the time requested. And no one was very close to it, but like every week there is a winner anyway. And that's the one that came closest.


This week we congratulate @uyobong with his 5 LEO prize.

His guess that Telcoin would be $0.0035 Friday, February 12, 12 noon, and that was the best and closest guess, as Telcoin was worth $0.003604 on Friday, February 12, 12 noon.


On behalf of @lbi-token, I hereby congratulate @uyobong on winning the 5 LEO with the choice for chest 1! Your price will be sent over as soon as possible.

And then of course this week's contest!

Ah, of course you already knew? Yup… we're going to follow the rising, or falling from the young ORION token (ORN). So this week I want to know what you all expect the price of Orion to be at Friday, February 19, 2021 12.00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME

Submissions again in response to this post here. Your answer will be entered if it is given BEFORE Thursday, February 18, 2021 6:00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

What is 1 Orion worth on Friday February 19, 2021, 12.00h CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME?

Is Orion going to rise, or does it fall ... I really don't know! Let's see if there's going to be an announcement that the team is going to deliver the mainnet. What would happen? Assuming that we invested some in this coin, could it turn out to be a real moonvestment? I'm very curious about your thoughts about this.

Of course there are prices to be won. And yes, you all know the drill. If you can guess the price exactly, you win yourself $5,- worth of Orion. And who knows what this will be worth in a few years from now.

For price reference I use COINMARKETCAP!

But even if you don't know exactly what 1 Orion will be worth, we still have a winner every week. And of course, we filled up 3 chests with prizes from which you can choose.

  • Chest 1… 5 LEO
  • Chest 2… 2 SPI
  • Chest 3… 5 LBI

I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to making someone happy again next week!

Don't forget to mention which of the chests you would like to receive as your price if you are the lucky winner!


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