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Hello, LBIer's. Is it Thursday already? I thought it was Wednesday and just seen it's no so im on posting duty today. With 90 minutes to produce a post, it's going to be a short and sweet one. Im not dyslexic, but it takes me a long time to write posts. For some reason, I've always written ahead of myself so when im thinking of how to finish a sentence, I'll type the words im thinking instead of the next words in the sentence. Im shit hot with numbers but always had a problem with writing and spelling, not so much reading. So....with that said, we're going to look at numbers cause they come to me quickly and I can bang out a nice stats post with ease. What are we gonna look into? well, you already know cause it's in the title so let's jump into it.

LBI tokens massive LEO stash

Here is an up to date snapshot of the circulating LEO token supply. I think around the time of LBI's launch, there was closer to 6.5 million so it's increased by half a million in 4 months. Sounds like a alot but not really for a project the size of LeoFinanace with it's native token and 2 wraps versions.


Let us have a look and see where LBI is on the current LEO richlist. I have separated out the non-user accounts to show the top 4 active accounts. @lbi-token is active but it's not 1 user so we are 50/50 i guess.

We have 228,804 LEO plus 3061 bLEO. This means that LBI is holding 3.3% of all LEO. This is actually the same percentage it's been from launch and the account seems to just keep up and hold that 3.3%. That is a hell of a lot of LEO and lucky for LeoFinace, there are no plans to unstake this, in fact, i think the goal is to stake more 😃

What do we use this massive LEO balance for?

Curating, 100% curating. Well, I think we self vote our own votes around 60% so 94% of the daily 1000% voting power goes toward curating. With @taskmaster4450 looking after curation manually, the love is spread far and wide. The LBI account bangs out hundreds of upvotes every week for contact producers and commenters to the tune of over $200 per day. Of course its not a selfless deed, we do earn half of that in curation rewards so we give to get I guess.

Looking at the 6 active accounts from the below rich list, I would say we are in pretty safe hands and the worry of self votes milking is not a bad concern. I dont know onealfa, never spoke to him but he seems to be on a mission to shame heavy self voters and he's not shy to say what he's thinking. I am aware of one account that may be taking the piss from these 6 but I dont really know the circumstances around that and sure for whatever percentage of LEO they hold, there is a higher percentage of LEO being abused altogether so you gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess.

So we use our LEO balance to spread the love and that's great but another great thing is having one of the biggest accounts when it comes to turning for airdrops. Just recently, we got a huge airdrop of CUB tokens, the price of CUB has gone to shit the past few days but this is the nature of the beast and when CUB starts to add new services and other LP's, things will bang again and we'll be at $5 CUB in no time. Point is, we got over 1000 CUB for free and now have over 1700 CUB and near 15 BNB tokens. The only thing we've staked is our 3061 LEO tokens.


Amazing stuff and these stakes are there for the mid to long term so they should turn into a nice egg for us. I had planned to get us up to 1250 CUB in the den but 1500 sounds much better I think. We will continue to grow the bLEO/BNB LP over time and this could turn into a real gem :)

What about LEO gov tokens? so that we can run nodes for LeoFinance's sidechain that coming. If we can run a few nodes, we could help to decentralize the sidechain well earning decent LEO rewards at the same time. Again, another free airdrop that will pump our earning and holdings. What about Project Blank? What about all the other things we get for free. Just a few days back we received just over 1000 CINE tokens for the new movies tribe that did airdrop 25% of their airdrop to Leo tokens holders. I have staked these tokens with @brofi and now we're earning a little bit of BRO token.

But because LBI has so many LEO tokens, we are an instant whale for any airdrop. With those 1000 CINE tokens, we owned 1% of the circulating supply on day 1. Having a butt load of LEO tokens is the account is worth much more than the curation rewards we can earn from them. The airdrops are all worth something and the price of the LEO token keeps increasing to boot so we hard to lose.

There's you have it

If you never knew before, now you know that LBI holds 3.3% of all LEO in circulation. 94% of this toward curating LeoFinace content producers and commentators. We're not a perfect account by any means but I think we do more good than bad overall.

Thanks for reading through today's post,

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