Bastyon - Another Blockchain Social Media

Pocketnet.app rebrands to be Bastyon. Pocketnet.app , a social media blockchain that rewards the user with Pkoin , changes the name. Now…

I have Just bought 4 Fertile Lands From dCrops Game Marketplace

Dcrops is a farming simulation game that runs on a hive network. It is a simple and easy game. What do you need to play this game…


This is the goal of September 2021. I can accomplish my plan. Now, I plan to the next level of power. I plan to accomplish 2000 POB power

How Copy and Paste Works, Degrading The Quality.

Is quality the same as value? In a short term, both can be similar, but there are some differences. What is quality? the standard of…

Pizza Hut Indonesia Selling On The Side of Streets To Survive

Who does not like pizza? It is a tasty dish that most people like. In Indonesia, pizza is a middle class food. The price is not cheap for…

UNESCO - Stop The Project On Komodo Island-A Proof That Delegating Power To A Bad Man Will Only Bring Destruction

Komodo Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. This island is inhabited by the endangered Komodo dragon. This is the Komodo…

Everyone is proud of their country but not their government

Everyone is proud of their homeland. He has a long history of life. The ancient history of the homeland is a character building. Are you…

Everybody is Fighting For Power

Power will give you broader authority to do what you like. Most of us were born without power. Only a few people are born with stuck…

For the sake of a gold mine, Sangihe Island will be excavated

Sangihe is located in the North of Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. [Source ; Sangihe City At Night](https:/

More than 15000 hectares of Kalimantan's forests are damaged - Economy is a policy

I don't really like the political situation in my country, but seeing the continuing damage, I dared to post this. West Kalimantan…

Seeds And Special Abilities in dCrops Hive Game

I am obsessed with the dCrops game. That is why I like to write about the seeds and special abilities in the game. I hope you can also…

Learning How To Be A Farmer In The dCrops Game

A successful farmer should be able to manage finances, planting seasons and seeds. In the farming industry, seasons are a very crucial…

Do You Know What Based Social Blogging Better Than Hive?

I have been more than a year active since hive hardfork. Along the time, I tried to take some journeys to other social platforms. Now, I…

Why I Bought A Domain To Monetize My Hive Old Posts

Today I decided to buy a cheap local domain. I would like to create a personal weblog. I planed to host the domain on google hosting. I…

Going to mall should have vaccine passport

The new regulations from the Indonesian government. Everyone who wants to visit the mall should have a vaccine passport or PCR sertifcate.…

Doge Short Bull Market - Trading Experience

I tried to trade doge on Kucoin. It has been a week since I tried to accumulate small assets in doge. My observation and trading action…

What is the ideal price for Hive to attract investors?

I might be day dreaming, but it is OK. I am not a financial advisor. This is just a shit post to entertain hive dreamers. What is the…

POB Price Prediction

Many POB fans worry about the price because the price continues to fall. The decline of cryptocurrency price is common so is POB price.…

Why is POB Price Getting Down

I notice that the POB Price is getting down gradually. Why? I think it’s because someone is dumping or most of users who use POB tag are…

Holding Crypto Assets - It's A Game

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset. That is the first rule in the game. The only assets that are not volatile are stable coins. However, I…