How to get the best deal out of the RobiniaSwap Project

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The project is currently in its early period and it is very easy for people not to get the best out of the platform due to the little insight or information they may have about the platform. Well, I will be stating just one way to get the best out of this project and if I figure other ways, I will write it up later.

So today my focus will be on the Pool section of the Robiniaswap project. For those not familiar with what they can do under this section of the project, continue reading for a brief description. The pool section of the Robiniaswap project allows users or stakers to farm (get more) RBS by staking RBS or other coins. It is that easy and simple. Staking is similar to saving your coins but in turn, you get rewarded for it in RBS.

At the time of writing the coins or tokens which are stackable are:

  • RBX itself
  • Busd
  • Bnb
  • Moon
  • Dot
  • Rini
  • Usdt
  • BTCB
  • CAKE
  • ETH
  • BSteem
  • Ada
  • BBlurt

I believe more coins and tokens will be added as the project expands

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How do you get the best deal from Robiniaswap Pool

Well, from the image posted above, it is easy to find out but some might be confused, so let me make it simple for you all.

The first stakeble token on the project is RBS which is also the native token for the Robiniaswap platform. By staking the RBS, you get the annual percentage rate (APR) of 141%, and the good news is that you don't get to incur any charges for depositing in that pool. The good thing is that the RBS token is relatively still cheap and I consider it to be the best option of all the tokens to stake. Although, the RBS pool isn't the pool with the highest APR as that title belongs to the Moon pool.

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The moon pool has an APR of 459% and that marks the highest one could get from the Robiniaswap pool. By staking your moon token you also get to incur a 1% deposit fee. The pool marks a great way of getting more RBS tokens through the staking option on the Robiniaswap platform. But the history of Moonswap might dissuade people from investing in it but the good news is that the coin is currently at hits lowest value



All other pools offer an APR below 40% aside from the BNB pool which offers a whooping APR of 70% and the bad news is that you incur a deposit on them all. so it is left to you to make the best use of this information as you see it fit.

Watch out for this space to get more updates on the Robiniaswap project

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