Exploring Bloody Bay, A Remote Beach In Tobago!

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A Two Hour Drive!


Bloody Bay is situated on the north eastern part of the small Caribbean Island of Tobago and is one of the most seldom visited beaches on that side of the land as it is quite hard to get to and most people would not really like the make the drive! For us who carry our vehicles across via the ferry, and have lots of time, we take the two hour drive at leisure through lush beautiful tropical mountains and amazing Tobagonian countryside!





Driving amidst the lush forest and ocean views along Tobago's northern coastal road was so relaxing and recharging. Our journey ended at the ended at the height of a hill where the road that takes you down a gentle descent to the beach began. It was lined with bright blue walls on either side that you can see in the photos above. The beach compound itself consisted of a few buildings for the life guards, changing rooms and of course the bar and restaurant! As you can see, it was empty! No one in sight!


The first thing we saw was the amazing blue hues of the waters and the waves that looked so calm that meant we would be having a much needed serene and tranquil bath! The sands were quite rocky and stony but it still did not detract from the beauty of the ocean itself.


Here is another view of the beachfront with the bar in the background and some beaches that I was sitting on the fly the drone in the foreground. It was awesome because there were almond trees that lined up with the benches and tables to provide shade. It would be amazing to have a picnic here at the beach and enjoy view and the sounds as the waves gently crashed on the shores.


Even though no on was here, maybe we were quite early, the bar was quite open and the vendor sat outside on a chair looking so bored and finished with life! I did not realise that I had captured this and it was only when I got home and was going through the photos that I noticed him looking forlorn like that on the chair! Maybe he would perk up when more people arrived!


Just as I was thinking this, a white SUV pulled up in the parking lot with us and it seemed to be overheating and smoking! The family quickly jumped out the car and opened the bonnet! It was so weird but I imagine it was quite scary for them and after a while I realised that it was not too unheard of that vehicles would overheat on long drives!




The left side view of the beach was breathtaking with intricate rocks and verdant forest treelines that covered them. This was in fact the hill that we descended to get here and you can see in one of the shots above a solitary building above that would probably have some amazing views!


The first thing I noticed were how the waves crashed against the rocks lower down the coastline as well as how blue and beautiful the waters looked here! It was so breathtaking and clear! The mountains in the background were also so uniform like a ridge!


Lower down I found this small but hidden beach! It looked so interesting I wondered how to get to it! Most likely like other beaches like this, we would have to hike through the thick jungle down the hillside which I was not at all up for today!






I flew the drone closer to the shoreline as I wanted to get some closeup shots of the intricate rocks, their textures and their patterns! They were so beautiful and most likely never have been captured or featured on photo before! I found this intriguing little cave of sorts that had little tide pools as well, I was quite satisfied with being able to get some shots of!



I got some more shots of the intricate embankment of rocks facing the beach itself as well that you can see above. I just could not get enough of the color of the waters and paired with the diverse rock formations, it was such an amazing sight!




The right side of the bay was somewhat deceiving! As you can see from the first two photos above, it seems to end at just a small rocky isthmus but form the third drone shot, you can see that it the the isthmus was just a small outcrop of a much larger peninsula that extended longer outwards with even an awesome reef that you could see under the waters! I will never regret sending up the drone at any location we visit, there are just too many hidden gems and intrigues that are revealed!


Bloody Bay was the last of the trip along that solitary northern road that day of visiting remote Tobagonian beaches but it certainly was not of the least! The natural beauty of the waters, the rocky formations, reefs and surrounding verdant mountains were more than enough to make one feel like they were at a tropical paradise! Thanks a lot for coming along, cheers!