LeoFinance Weekly Stats 03/14/2022 to 03/20/2022

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Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report.
This is a weekly report covering March 14 through March 20, 2022.

If you want to learn a bit more about the LeoFinance ecosystem and dig into the numbers, this is the place to be.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Issued LEO Tokens
  • Top LEO Earners
  • Rewards to HP delegators trough the leo.bounties program
  • Daily stats on tokens staking
  • Share of tokens staked
  • Top Users that staked
  • Unique number of LeoFInance users
  • Posts/comments activities on the platform
  • Posting from LeoFinance.io interface
  • Price Chart

Issued LEO Tokens

Let’s take a look into token issuance and how it is distributed over time.

Below is a chart that represents the cumulative issued LEO tokens.


This chart is representing the total LEO supply, circulating supply and burned tokens.

A total of 12.33M issued LEO tokens, 2.3M burned, 10M circulating supply.

Next is the issued LEO tokens from last week. Here is the chart:


A total of 63k LEO were issued in the last week.

Let’s see how these tokens were distributed.
Below is the chart of the top 10 LEO earners this week.


@onealfa is on the top followed by @taskmaster4450le.

Rewards from Bounties

Users who delegate their HP to the @leo.voter receive daily payouts in the form of LEO tokens at a rate of ~16% APR. Also, at time some other bounties are in place.


@onealfa is on the top here.

Staking LEO

Below is a chart that represents the monthly flow of staked and unstaked LEO tokens. A positive bar going up shows a day where more LEO was staked than unstaked.


In the last period there is some unstaking happening in the last period due to the launch of the polycub platform. March is not over yet, and we have around -200k unstaked in the month.

Below is the chart of the top 10 users that staked LEO last week:


@gogreenbuddy on the top here with more than 6k LEO staked.

The Overall Flow of the LEO Token Supply:


Note on the yellow, liquid category above. It includes the LEO in the liquidity pools on ETH and BSC as well. If we remove that, the liquidity will be much lower.

Below is a chart of the LEO tokens allocation.


A 54% share staked. Prior to the launch of Polycub it was 60%. The Polycub pool now has the largest liquidity for LEO.

LeoFinance Users

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted from the LeoFinance frontend.


A 4.6k unique accounts have posted from the LeoFinance interface.

Monthly Active Users Posting from LeoFInance [MAU]

Here is the chart for the monthly active users that posted from the leofinance.io interface.


After a nice uptrend at the end of 2021, January and February have seen a small drop in the MAUs. It remains to be seen how will March end, probably with a growth.

Activities on LeoFInance

Below is a chart of the LeoFinance activities with the numbers of posts from the LeoFinance interface and posts with the #leofinance tag.


The yellow are posts from the leofinance interface and the orange posts from other hive frontends with the leofinance tag.

Here is the chart showing only posts made from the LeoFinance.io interface.


The number of daily posts has been around 150 in the last period.

LeoFinance has a 20% incentive for posting trough the native frontend. When users post from other frontends and just with the leofinance tag they have 20% less rewards.

Number of comments from LeoFinance.io

Here is the chart for the numbers of comments starting from April 2020.


A total of **3.4k ** comments in the previous week.

Authors that commented the most

There is an initiative in the last period for engagement on the platform and some of the large stakeholders have been voting comments a lot.
Here are the top authors that commented the most.


@jfang003 is on top followed by @taskmaster4450le.


All time LEO price

It is interesting to look at the LEO token price, keeping in mind the crazy ride that HIVE had in the previous month.

Here is the price chart in dollar value with average price for better visibility.


Have in mind the above is an average daily price.

LEO price in the Last 30 days

Here is the price of LEO in the last 30 days also in dollar value:


With the launch of Polycub the LEO token has experienced some volatility on the upside and for a short period of time has reached 0.3$. Now it is around 0.2.


steemleo black token divider.png


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Report by @dalz

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Still in the top 10 but damn, @jfang003 is destroying the robot these days.

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I thought with PolyCUB launching and pulling so much $LEO to $PLEO that $LEO would be much higher, at least above $0.50 if not $1 .

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