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Edit: Lightning is Getting SLAMMED with requests to the database

This is a real-time scalability test for us. Please bear with the UI if it doesn't load threads right away for you. If you leave the page and come back or reload the page they will often load.

Launch day is likely to be a little chaotic, we're already seeing 100x the number of requests on Lightning than a typical day on

Thank you for being a part of Open Beta, we're rapidly iterating and implementing some scalability and performance fixes 🦁

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It's understandable, no legitimate community member will complain of any hiccups today or the whole next months because this is still in testing phase.

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This is really a good move and I'm hoping to be part of it.


Hi @leo.voter, I recently delegated some HP to your account and am wondering when do the daily HIVE payouts happen for this delegation. Please let me know. Thank you.