LeoAlpha weekly metrics insights - 1 Dec.

Hey everyone, each week we take a look at how the Leofinance platform is tracking with some metrics and insights from various sources and…

What are Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)? - Hive Backed Dollars Guide

A beginner's guide to Hive Backed Dollars (HBD), Hive’s very own trustl

Is Solana Poised For Another Breakout?

Is Solana Poised For Another Breakout? Solana of SOL ticket has skyrocketed in popularity this year. Rising from just $2 at the start of…

4 Ways to generate passive income with LEO

While listening to LEO's AMA someone asked how can they make their Leo tokens work for them. That gave me

Using Monero to get clean Bitcoin

![How to use Monero (XMR) to get clean Bitcoin](

Exploring Routes to the new Cronos Blockchain

Seeing a "blood in the streets" opportunity to establish a position with Crypto.org, I added a nice stake (while still MCO, an ERC20 token…

Wen Web3 Takes Over the World

Web3 is emerging as one of the most important conversations in crypto. We're still in the early stages of seeing web3 adopted even amongst…

LeoAlpha weekly curation digest 2

The LeoAlpha project's aim is to spotlight the best content posted to Leofinance, and promote these posts to external audiences. It's been…

Countries Versus DAOs

12 years ago I wrote a post on my blog in which I was comparing social media networks with real countries: [I’m A Twitter Citizen, I Work…

The Stretching Rewards Pool

This morning, the Feed price (that informs the vote values and rewards) hit 2.00 for the first time ever on the Hive blockchain. That…

Solana What's Next For This Ethereum Competitor

Solana What's Next For This Ethereum Competitor By now there are many Ethereum Competitors and so called "killers" but not have come as…

Is Bitcoin no longer the uncorrelated asset that it used to be?

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin, and other top cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, have become more popular for institutional investors…

Time to Abandon ETH?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak With the sky-high costs of interacting with the Ethereum network, some are suggesting t

Intro: Rabby Wallet in Synch with DeBank

Long a big fan of and a believer in the great value of competition in the marketplace, I recently found out about Rabby Wallet, a worthy…

Let's ape episode 1: Invictus DAO Thoughts and Strategy

I used to be very strict and focused on the fundamentals of the projects I invest in but seeing smooth brain ape

Invictus DAO on Solana

I chase returns. I chase APYs. You chase APYs and we all chase APYs. How does 40k% APY return sound to you? A new Solana based DAO…

EOS pros and cons

The pros and cons of EOS and a final verdict on whether Dan Larimer’s latest project can be viewed as a success. EOS, created to solve…

AXIE Infinity clones are many but KaraStar might really worth your attention!

I don't know if you follow @leoalpha but i know for sure you should, it's been

Karastar - Axie Infinity Clone That's Worth Playing

Axie infinity is one of the popular and leading crypto NFT game out there on Ethereum. However it suffers from the gas fees problem that…

Should I buy Decentraland (MANA) in 2021?

Yes, you should buy MANA because the play-to-earn industry is booming and Decentraland is the most prominent