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xPOLYCUB Governance | Our First Vote on Yield Dynamics

PolyCUB is becoming a highly efficient yield platform. With much feedback and dozens of iterations, we've radically changed the platform…

PolyCUB's Multi-Token Bridge Theory | The Future of DeFi on LeoFinance

There is a tightening in the crypto space. We're seeing a consolidation of altcoins - much like we did in 2018 - the ones that survive…

Introducing pSPS | A PolyCUB Multi-Bridge Wrapped Token

Splinterlands and their SPS governance token have seen a dramatic level of adoption over the past year. It's incredible to have a…

The Future of CUB | An Update Like No Other

▶️ Watch on 3Speak On this week's AMA, we talk about our good friend CU

LeoFinance Engagement | Can We Do 10k Comments This Week?

While the crypto markets have been trending down, one metric on LeoFinance has been trending exponentially higher: engagement. Comments…

HBD Has the Potential to Bring Billions of Dollars into the Hive Ecosystem

What we all saw take place over the past

LeoFinance Growth Update: Monthly Initiatives and TikTok Marketing

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from the LeoFinance Weekly AMA, we talk

Introducing pHIVE | Bridging the Hive Ecosystem to Polygon

The mission of LeoFinance as a Web3 Ecosystem is to democratize access to financial knowledge and opportunities. With pHBD (launched 2…

How to Exponentially Deepen PolyCUB Liquidity

One major issue facing POLYCUB is a lack of trading liquidity. Right now, there is only about $330k in liquidity for any

The High-Level Roadmap for LeoFinance's DeFi Branch | CubFinance and PolyCUB

The entire DeFi branch of LeoFinance - Cub

Weekly LeoFinance AMA | PolyCUB Vault V2 Deployment is Coming!

This past week of developments for LeoFinance has been at an astounding pace: We released the xPOLYCUB DAO which also held its first…

The First xPOLYCUB Governance Vote | The Future Has Arrived

Governance is an incredibly important feature for PolyCUB. It's one of the core utilities of owning POLYCUB and staking it as xPOLYCUB.…

pHBD is 1:1 Backed with HBD On the Hive Blockchain | Mechanics Deep Dive

When it comes to the stablecoin industry, there has been a lot of controversy over the backing and treasuries of various stablecoins. With…

LeoFinance Weekly AMA | pHBD, Collateralized Lending and The Future of Web3

In this episode of the weekly LeoFinance AMA, we talk about all things Web3 and stablecoins. There is a lot happening in both of these…

LeoFinance Weekly Development Update | Facebook Hive Lite Accounts Added, LeoMobile V0.6, xPOLYCUB Governance and pHBD

It's been an interesting week in crypto. A lot of whipsaw in the markets. The fun thing about LeoFinance development is that it continues…

Introducing xPOLYCUB Governance | First Vote: Reduce the Locked Claim "Power Down" Window

Governance is an interesting word in the crypto space. If you go back about 12-18 months, then you'll see a large number of projects -…

Why pHBD is Vital For the Mass Adoption of the Hive Ecosystem | Tell a Friend, Win $100 HBD!

With the launch of pHBD, we set out on an important mission to grow the Hive Ecosystem. HBD's fixed interest rate being raised to 20% is…

How to Wrap HBD to pHBD

How to Wrap HBD to pHBD It's super easy and you'll get it all done in less than 30 seconds. Let's jump in: Step 1: Visit Step 2:…

pHBD-USDC is Now Live! | HBD is About to Get a $5,000,000 Liquidity Pool

If you're reading this post, then you'll notice that one of our most anticipated features has OFFICIALLY gone from soon to now. pHBD…