CUB Monthly Report | October 2022 - 350k CUB Bought & Burned, bHBD & bHIVE Liquidity Depth Grows 30%

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CUB was launched in March 2021 with a simple mission: build a sustainable, reliable and growing yield platform for our community. The LeoFinance mission statement is to democratize knowledge and access to finance and CUB aligns perfectly with that mission.

The original model that CUB was built on was one of unsustainable yields. Realizing that, we set out to add features, new contracts and a disproportionate amount of trial and error in an attempt to discover a sustainable, reliable and growing model of revenue generation for the CUB Protocol.

Since launching the Multi-Token Bridge (MTB) - bHIVE & bHBD - we've finally found the model we were looking for. Throughout the month of October, the MTB generated $7,945 for the CUB DAO. The DAO smart contract used that $7,945 to buyback and burn 350,683 CUB.

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These are some incredible figures. Unlike anything we have ever seen before. We believe that a model of sustainability is now in place for CUB. Our focus is now on scaling bHIVE & bHBD liquidity.

As the bHIVE & bHBD liquidity depth grows, we'll see more and more revenue drive into the CUB Protocol.


As you can see in this chart, the revenue continues to grow exponentially month-to-month as liquidity deepens. The liquidity for bHIVE & bHBD grew by 30% from September to October and the revenue grew a similar amount.

Meanwhile, the CUB Burns have taken off like a rocket headed for the moon. Take a look at the below chart showing the launch of bHIVE & bHBD and the CUB Burns:


The CUB DAO was forced to buy CUB at increasingly higher prices as each day passed. The MTB Revenue has officially outpaced the amount of CUB being sold on the market each day. In simple terms, this means that the DAO is forced to buy with slippage: pushing the CUB price up by a few basis points each time it buys CUB and burns it.


Read the Full Report for the Full Scoop

The Full Monthly Report is now available. We recommend reading it in PDF Format. The images are included in this post as well, but they sometimes get cut off depending on the Hive Interface you're using.

Read the PDF for the best experience.




















Some items may be cutoff from the image displays here on LeoFinance / Hive. Open the PDF of the CUB Monthly Report to get the full view of the report.

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The MTB Revenue has officially outpaced the amount of CUB being sold on the market each day

This only means one thing: a positive push in the price of cub, if this remains consistent for a while, I think we can begin to salvage the price of cub. Hopefully we won't see more dumps if price increases.


I 100% agree. If we’re being intellectually honest, there will always be sellers as the price rises. People who have bought CUB cheaper or people who are constantly earning and saving CUB in the kingdom.

The cool thing about the MTB revenue is that it is growing so quickly that it is creating a floor price for CUB. If the price drops at all, it simply means the DAO is getting a discount to buyback and burn more CUB.

Eventually, the system always returns to some sort of equilibrium around revenue generation. This means that the price going up = less CUB getting bought back and burned because CUB is more expensive. It also means that the price going down = more CUB getting bought back and burned because CUB is less expensive.

Either way, the sloshing of the CUB price is healthy for the ecosystem. You move CUB out of the hands of sellers and into the hands of buyers and/or the DAO itself.

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Eventually, the system always returns to some sort of equilibrium around revenue generation.

This is genius because it creates a win-win situation. Eventually when the DAO buys less cubs it means the price is doing well, if not then it can even keep buying it cheaper since there will always be sellers. However I'm hoping we get to a situation where cub becomes too expensive for the DAO to purchase. For the greater good I guess.

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And I'm waiting for the same reaction from pCUB :)

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Not really an Investor when it comes to try Cub thing, but seeing how things are right now, I honestly believe that increase in price will definitely bring more means of motivation for investor's to hold more

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The great thing is that you don’t need to be a buyer of CUB! Simply LP bHIVE and/or bHBD and you are now price-exposed to the increasing value of CUB - since your earnings are paid in CUB.

Sell those earnings daily and compound your position to get more bHIVE / bHBD or hodl those earnings in the Kingdom to bet on CUB increasing in price.

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CUB tokenomics are looking better and better and we can see the light at the end of the sustainability tunnel. We need to nurture it and ensure the ecosystem keeps on growing in order to improve the price and turn this ecosystem into a profitable investment for the users. This way it will thrive in time.

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another bullish report for CUB. hell yeah

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Let's burn those baby lions! Awesome news that buying pressure is constantly there. I have been adding liquidity little by little.

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Ever since the addition of the burning mechanism, the price cub has been constantly on the rise which means that it is working out well and I'm sure this is already creating awareness for investors out there to watch out

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