LeoFinance x CUB Weekly AMA Starts in 1 Hour!

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(last week's AMA)

Each week @nealmcspadden and @khaleelkazi are running a weekly AMA to talk about LeoFinance, CUB and discuss ongoing development of the whole project.

The next AMA starts at 11 AM EST (1 hour from when this post is published).

How to Watch & Participate

The AMA is in 4 places:

We'll keep an eye on all 4 places for questions coming in. Last week we did a dry run of the AMA with no announcements ahead of time. There was a great turnout with 50+ people coming in live and throwing some questions our way.

With Kingdoms about to launch, CUB is about to undergo some radical changes - migrating it's economics from being like GooseFinance to being more like Autofarm.

The key to this migration is collaborating with other BSC projects and building high APY yield farms through composable DeFi farming. Feel free to jump in and ask as many questions about composable yield farming as you like!



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