RE: LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

This is a fantastic update. I've had two interviews I've drafted bother over 1000 words and me save to post the next day. Only for when I come online they're gone. It's the worst feeling lol.

This update is a fantastic addition. Well done!

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RE: LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

:) LeoFinance is awesome! and things are getting even better all the time. I am definitely going to check it out more..

Should we be concerned with upvoting circles?

I read an article from @acesontop and his post was inspired by a post by @bozz, links to both posts are below.

Each author was discussing when upvotes are limited by bloggers to a closed circle. I can't bring myself to use the same circular analogy but pretty much it is about mutual pleasure like y...

RE: LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

I just learnt how to used that draft new. I have not tried it before unless this month I use it, but don't really know if they publish it.

RE: LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

Great work guys.

One less excuse for people who want to earn LEO on their posts, but not contribute to the community by using our front-end.