Volume Three, 2021: LeoFinance's Most Explosive Year of Growth Yet | 12 New Team Members, LeoMobile, LeoInfra, CubFinance and More!

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July 6th, 2021 Introducing Autosave, Advanced Drafts, Scheduling and New Publishing UI


Over the past 2 months, we began deploying a wide range of updates to the LeoFinance.io UI. For the first several iterations, we focused on bug fixes from previous UI versions. If you reported bugs to the Leo Team, then you'll notice that many of them have been resolved.

As mentioned in a section above, I spent a lot of time focused on expanding the team both in terms of finding, interviewing and hiring new developers and in building better organization tools and administrative capacity.

The ladder half of 2021 was spent focused on expansion and navigating the new world of becoming a larger organization that could handle the capacity of development that we so ambitiously desired.

With all these new hires came the ability to focus and get more development done across the board. This was the busiest period of LeoFinance's history (and little did we know that we would only get busier from there as we kept expanding).

In this LeoFinance UI update, we deployed some new features to our "Home Layer" - the LeoFinance.io Web3 Platform for Crypto & Finance Content:

  • Autosave
  • Advanced Drafts
  • Publish Post Confirmation Window
  • Scheduling
  • Preview and Share Unpublished Posts
  • UI/UX Improvements

July 9th, 2021 Updated CUB Docs & Roadmap | Kingdoms Phase 4, IDO Launchpad, Polygon


Our goal with the CUB token is to build value at all layers. We see sustainable yield farming and the adoption of other popular DeFi applications as our modus operandi.

As we build new applications, we're building with both our existing Leo/Cub userbase and with the broader DeFi market in mind. The entire foundation of everything we build is rooted in the idea of growing our core community in depth and width while bringing value to the CUB token.

When you look to the track record of the entire LeoFinance project, you'll see our mode of operation: build and launch quickly. Follow up with rapid and relentless iteration to add new features.

You can view the updated roadmap in this post or view the revised version of the CUB Docs.

Rolling out Kingdoms Phase 4 was a massive relief for the team. I can remember how those few months felt during the development of Kingdoms and getting to the finish line of development had never felt so good.

Looking back at this post, I also see the updated roadmap for CUB:

  • ☑️ Kingdoms Phase 1 (BNB-BUSD, CAKE)
  • ☑️ Kingdoms Phase 2 (ETH-BNB, DOT-BNB)
  • ☑️ Kingdoms Phase 3 (CUB Staking + BTCB-BNB)
  • Kingdoms Phase 4 (Final Migration - BTC, ETH, USD Stablecoin) - In Progress
  • CUB Staking Dividends With Kingdom Management Fees - In Progress
  • CUB IDO Launchpad
  • Polygon-based Yield Application

Back then we were just finalizing Phase 4 of Kingdoms. We were also starting to set our sights on the Polygon (PolyCUB) platform release.

The roadmap for us has always been clear. DeFi is here to stay and we are building CubFinance for the future of this Web3 Tokenized Home we all call LeoFinance.

If you look through this short roadmap for Cub, you can see that we ended up achieving everything we set out to achieve in 2021. The Polygon yield application has obviously taken much longer than we anticipated but we believe that we're all better off for that. PolyCUB today looks nothing like the initial design we had back then.

July 14th, 2021 Kingdoms Full Launch Event | BTC, ETH and USD Stablecoin Staking - 500% APYs


Kingdoms mark a radical shift in CUB Tokenomics. Migrating away from High Multiplier, Single Platform Yield Vaults and into Low Multiplier, Multi-Platform Yield Vaults.

What exactly does this mean for CUB?

A lot of things. Most notably: sustainability


Today marks the full Kingdoms launch. There is a lot that goes into finalizing the Kingdoms migration. Yes, we've added 3 new vaults but that is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Cub Kingdom update = 2x higher rewards
  • Deprecation of BTC Den
  • Deprecation of ETH Den
  • Deprecation of USDT-BUSD farm
  • Deprecation of DAI-BUSD farm
  • Launch of BUSD-USDC-DAI-USDT kingdom
  • Launch of BTC kingdom
  • Launch of ETH kingdom
  • Kingdoms UI update
  • Migration of multipliers to the kingdom contract
  • Miscellaneous tweaks/bug fixes

This was a massively important event for CubFinance. If you were around for the official launch of Kingdoms, then you remember how big of a deal it was. It marked the turning point for CUB and showed the community that LeoFinance (once again) always delivers...

July 30th, 2021 Kingdoms UI Update | Data Displays, API Improvements and CUB IDO FAQ


The initial Kingdoms UI was developed to handle the multi-phase rollout. We knew that a better UI was ready-to-be developed but we wanted to rollout Kingdoms ASAP.


Once the final phase of Kingdoms was in production, we turned our attention toward a massive UI overhaul for the Kingdoms vaults. This allowed us to integrate a number of features that vastly improved the UX.

We also had to develop a better way to handle price tracking and APIs. We ended up deploying our own server to handle various Pancakeswap, Belt and Bakery APIs because of the instability we were experiencing. Extra work and more unforeseen challenges, but we persevered.

August 5th, 2021 LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update


Ah the first ever weekly dev update. After hiring so much new talent to the team and getting our organization... organized... for the first time in a long time, we wanted to bring a greater degree of communication.

The weekly AMAs were doing a great job of communicating our developments to the community but these weekly dev updates added a quick place where anyone could view what was happening week-to-week alongside the LeoFinance development team.

In This Week's Update:

  • CUB BNB Dividend Backend Operational
  • CUB BNB Dividend Frontend Operational
  • 3rd CUB IDO Deal Signed
  • Polygon CUB Contracts & Frontend Progress
  • LeoFinance.io Performance Update
  • LeoFinance Mobile App and New Desktop Interface
  • AMA Timeslot Last Week and This Week

After a few months of these weekly dev updates, we ended up merging them into the AMA. Each AMA session starting around September included the first 10 or so minutes of dev updates from me (Khal).

I'd still like to get back to the written updates at some point as well, but many have taken a liking to the video / audio updates and subsequent clips that we post each week.

August 12th, 2021 LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #2


In This Week's Update:

  • BNB Dividend API Fixes
  • IDO Release Schedule Update
  • IDO #1 Details
  • LeoFi Application - Final Touches Before Launch
  • Automated Geyser Operational For August 15th
  • LeoFinance.io Performance Update
  • Return of the Daily LEO?
  • LeoFinance WhitePaper Book
  • AMA Tomorrow At 12 PM EST
Weekly AMA Clips and Episode Uploading Begins



Around this time we had hired on a marketing team to help manage a lot of different social media-related tasks.

One of these has been clipping up the weekly AMAs and preparing them to be uploaded to Hive / 3Speak, YouTube, Twitter and various podcasting platforms.

The expansion of our team really shines through in this ladder part of the year as our communication restarted and we were able to do it all: develop and communicate.

August 18th, 2021 Introducing LeoFi | Decentralized Leasing Marketplace for LEO POWER


If you go back several months in time, then you'll see our early talk about LeoFi. As we first began our research into LeoFinance's expansion into the DeFi space, LeoFi was our natural progression.

While LeoFi was under initial development, we started researching platforms like PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain, etc. That led us down the path of developing products like Cub Finance. Through that, we sidelined LeoFi for a few months - knowing that we'd run some more extensive testing and development of the backend for a later release.

Today's the day for LeoFi to move from closed beta to open beta!

If you look back to the beginning of this 2021 recap, you'll see some initial talks about LeoFi.

We had been working on this LeoFi app in December 2020 and continued that development into January.

During that development, we were continually watching the DeFi marketplace and looking for ways to penetrate the broader market.

LeoFi is a great tool but we realized something about it:

It fulfills the depth part of our mission statement (giving existing LeoFinance users more access to tools) but it lacks in the width department (gaining a broader audience and growing our Web3 userbase).

Right around the Jan/Feb timeframe, we started CubFinance development and pushed LeoFi development to the wayside for a few months.

Once the team expanded and our capacity to develop expanded along with it, we turned back to LeoFi and put the finishing touches on the platform.

Today, you can lease out your LEO POWER to other community members and earn passive APR on your LEO. Yet another utility for the LEO token and we still believe https://leofi.io is underutilized today.

With all of the various forms of utility for LEO, it can be daunting to research and choose from all of them. The investor's dilemma is real and our goal is to continually make that dilemma harder... Our goal is to drive so much utility to LEO that there are simply so many ways to utilize and earn with it that you feel the endless need to have more.

August 19th, 2021 LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #3 | New LeoFi App, 1st IDO, Geyser Successfully Automated


In This Week's Update:

  • New LeoFi App Released Into Open Beta!
  • LeoBridge Rounding Error Fixed & What We're Working On
  • Automated Geyser Successfully Implemented on the 15th
  • LeoFinance.io UI Update & Performance Improvements
  • IDO Infrastructure Completed
  • First IDO Tentatively Scheduled for Tuesday, August 24th
  • CUB's New Value Capture Model - A Preview of the CUB Tokenomics Update
  • AMA Tomorrow At 10:30 AM EST

The big news during this week's update was our work on the LeoFi app, fixing some major issues with LeoBridge and obvious upgrading the WLEO Geyser distribution model.

Up until this moment in time, the WLEO Geyser was always a pain point for us. It was only partially automated and required a lot of manual intervention. We also had turned our developers and resources to CubFinance, LeoFi, LeoFinance.io, etc. and we didn't have the capacity nor desire to throw our other developments off track.

Thus, we spent some time designing an automated solution and quickly rolled it out. Ever since then, the Geyser has been far more reliable - a few hiccups here and there that have needed patching but there are no more multi-week delays in the Geyser.

At worst, there are a few days when we have to turn it off for some maintenance. We're continually working on making automated systems (like the Geyser) more profound and reliable.

We've deployed over a dozen VPS's this year that handle various automated tasks and also backup a lot of the work we're doing. All of this is helping the LeoFinance team and organization thrive and be vastly more productive.

August 20th, 2021 The 3 Stages of CUB - IDOs Are Another Fundamental Tokenomics Upgrade


In this clip from the weekly AMA, we talk about the 3 stages of CUB and how our development had progressed throughout the year. A lot of these sentiments have been reiterated in this recap post, but looking back on this clip is fun. We've come a long way in a very short period of time.

  1. Initial Launch of CUB
  2. Migration of CUB From Unsustainable (Goose) to Sustainable (Autofarm) Yield Platform - Kingdoms
  3. IDOs - Creating a CUB-based Launchpad Ecosystem

August 25th, 2021 Introducing CUB's Decentralized IDO Launchpad: Economics, Impacts and How to Participate


IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering and essentially allows anyone to launch a token and gain:

  • Initial liquidity
  • Access to a community
  • A launchpad to begin their project

The CUB IDO Launchpad brought on a new set of catalyst-driven mechanisms to the CUB token economy.


Many recall the first "tester" IDO on CubFinance and how that went. There was an interesting forewarning in this post (before that IDO had been finalized and announced):

Aren't All LaunchPad Tokens Shitcoins?

There are good and bad aspects of adding this Launchpad contract to the CubFinance ecosystem. We've outlined a lot of the good impacts here in this post.

As with anything in Crypto/especially DeFi - there will be shitcoins. There will be scams. There will be tokens that downright don't deserve to see the light of day.

Well, we all know how IDO #1 turned out. I participated and closely watched the first IDO on XRUNE and it turned out quite similar to the first IDO on CubFinance.

Needless to say, we went back to the drawing board on IDOs and found a more sustainable model for future launchpad events. We haven't allowed an IDO through CubFinance (yet) but IDO #2 is a highly expected event.

When it happens, the Launchpad V2 model will prove itself as a far more sustainable and economically viable model for IDOs moving forward (we still have several IDOs scheduled in the coming months).

September 3rd, 2021 LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #5 | Mobile App Rollout, HP Leasing, $125k CUB Burned


In This Week's Update:

  • LeoFinance Mobile App Rollout
  • Mobile App Features for Hive Ops
  • Mobile LeoLightning & LeoInfra Integration Plans
  • HIVE POWER Leasing (LeoFi App)
  • Return of the LeoFinance Podcast!?
  • The Daily LEO Showing Massive Potential
  • $125,000 CUB Burned!
  • CUB IDO Infrastructure Technology
  • Recuperation
  • General IDO Improvements For the Future
  • AMA At 11 AM EST Friday

In early September, we started making some significant progress on the Mobile app front.


Post-CUB IDO #1, we also went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned our IDO model for the future launches. IDO #2 is now planned for early 2022 utilizing Launchpad V2.

We burned $125,000 CUB from IDO #1, so it was still a successful event on that front.

The infrastructure technology we started building for LeoMobile was starting to come to light. The work behind the scenes on LeoMobile throughout 2021 was arduous... to say the least.

Regardless of all the obstacles, we started to test and roll out new versions of LeoLightning, LeoInfra and early closed alpha testing of LeoMobile.

September 11th, 2021 Major Update to CUB IDO System | IDO #2, #3, #4


This post did an incredible job explaining the new IDO Model that we built and the value proposition that future IDOs would bring to CubFinance.

We'll see this all play out with IDO #2 in 2022 and we'll also see some incredible tokenomic impacts unfold afterward.

I think this post is a great read to understand the long-term future of CubFinance as a multi-pronged DeFi ecosystem.

Remember: the initial launch of CubFinance was to create a base layer token economy. Something that we could continually add layers to over the coming years.

The Kingdoms release radically changed that base layer and made it far more economically sustainable.

The IDO Launchpad model sets out to create two important economic impacts for CUB:

  1. As a short-term catalyst for burning massive quantities of CUB and permanently reducing the supply
  2. As a long-term snowball effect with the rollout of partner Kingdoms that autonomously buy and reinvest CUB (see quotes below)

The next IDOs that we have scheduled will utilize a new model for IDOs. In fact, it's quite similar to the original IDO model we built for #1 with 2 key changes:

Instead of CUB-BUSD deposited, it's 100% CUB
Instead of IDO's XYZ token distributed at the end, it's an LP Token with 50% CUB-XYZ token


  • 1,000,000 CUB is the target raise of IDO #2
  • 1M CUB is raised in the IDO
  • 500k CUB is burned permanently from the supply
  • remaining 500k CUB is paired with an equivalent value (500k worth of CUB) in IDO XYZ token
  • this creates a liquidity pool with 500k CUB + ___ XYZ token from the IDO
  • users claim CUB-XYZ LP tokens from the IDO vault on CubFinance

We'll also be able to spin up a Kingdom contract that utilizes their farming incentives to autocompound back into CUB-XYZ token.

For example, if CUB-XYZ LP tokens are paying out XYZ token rewards on their farm, then our Kingdom contract will allow users to deposit CUB-XYZ LP tokens on https://cubdefi.com/kingdoms.

Once deposited, our Kingdom contract will deposit those LP Tokens on their farm, earn XYZ token rewards and then autocompound those rewards back into CUB-XYZ tokens (selling 50% of the XYZ token rewards into CUB and then pooling both halves back as the base asset).

This creates a continuous, automated CUB reinvesting mechanism for anyone sitting in the Kingdom.

With our upcoming IDO Partners, this is going to be an amazing thing to watch. 4/5 of them are all farming platforms with Liquidity Pool incentives.

What this means is that once all 4 of these IDOs are complete, there will be 4 new liquidity pool pairs for the CUB token on Binance Smart Chain.

What's even better? ALL 4 of these new Liquidity Pool Pairings will have externally funded liquidity mining incentives that are paid out by these 4 separate platforms.

What's even better than that? ALL 4 of these new LP pairings will have Kingdoms on the /Kingdoms page which will autocompound the XYZ farming rewards back into the -CUB base asset. Creating an autonomous and continuous buying pressure for CUB.

What's even better? The 50% CUB that we want to burn from each IDO STILL GETS BURNED. We're not sacrificing anything with this model. In fact, it seems better from all perspectives and we've already discussed the change from raising BUSD to a distributed CUB raise model and all of our upcoming IDO partners have signed off on the change.

In last week's AMA, Neal mentioned this idea of snowballing the amount of CUB that gets burned... creating an exponentially deflationary model for CUB.

September 21st, 2021 CubFinance V2 Day! | Tutorial on The V2 Migration, Rollout Schedules and 0 Deposit Fee day!


This migration marks an important moment in the CubFinance history books. We're not only migrating our liquidity, we're migrating the vaults that earn CUB and seed liquidity. We're also prepping bLEO for the migration to V2 which includes LeoBridge.

The LeoBridge system should be far more reliable (and include lower slippage) under the V2 LP contract.

The migration to V2 was something we postponed as long as we possibly could. We knew it would cause an endless source of headaches for a few weeks, but it was a change that needed to happen at some point.

Not upgrading to V2 right away didn't really hurt us. It only started to have a material impact once Pancakeswap decided to deprecate V1 APIs.

Within 1 week we decided to migrate to V2 and we made the leap for all CUB and bLEO pools.

September 30th, 2021 2 New CUB Kingdoms! | SPS-BNB Kingdom & BTCB-BNB BakerySwap Update (Action Required)


In this update, we released two new Kingdom vaults. One was a migration from Bakeryswap to Pancakeswap for the BTCB-BNB vault.

This is the nature of yield farming: the ball is always moving and we need to be on top of the move as it happens.

With the migration off Bakery and toward Pancakeswap, we saw a larger total addressable market and Bakery was deprecating their V1 BTCB-BNB vault as well.

We also added the much anticipated SPS-BNB Kingdom vault. This vault has since become one of the largest vaults by TVL and is a massive success.

SPS-BNB has a very high APR paid out in CAKE and those CAKE rewards are autonomously sold and compounded back into SPS-BNB, with 7% of the harvesting reward being taken as a fee to buy and burn CUB automatically on the market.

SPS-BNB Kingdom has been a smashing success and we're actively looking for more partner Kingdoms like it. It's burning more CUB than nearly all of the other Kingdoms vaults and we believe adding a couple more Kingdoms like it will have a material impact on the future sustainability of CUB (and importantly, grow our community further through collaboration).

October 11th, 2021 LeoFinance Weekly Dev Recap #7 | Mobile App v0.0.12, Leo Podcast, Marketing, IDOs and Kingdoms TVL $6m+


In this dev recap video we covered the week's updates on the development front. As I said many times throughout this 2021 recap: we hired on so many developers and talented people to the team.

The amount of development we've been doing each week in the ladder half of 2021 has been astonishing. This clip is a testament to all of the great work we were doing and have been doing since.

October 30th, 2021 Introducing LeoMobile on Android | Web3 and Community Tokenization at Your Finger Tips!


We've been waiting for this day for months now... LeoMobile has finally arrived and Open Beta is in session.

If you saw, last week we had a planned release for IOS. The day before that release, the Apple App Store decided to put our testflight under review. We're working with Apple now to get our app back online in Testflight so everyone on IOS can get out there and start Open Beta.

Originally, we planned on releasing Android several weeks after IOS. This was for a number of reasons but life is funny. Since IOS delayed our first iteration of Open Beta, we spent the last week working on Android and focusing on pushing it out into the Google Play Store.

Well, this morning we finally got approval... from the Google Play Store.

After so many months of development, we finally got LeoMobile released in an App Store.

At the time, we were waiting on Apple Testflight approval for weeks and weeks on end.

In fact, we had approval at one point for our closed Alpha version of LeoMobile. Then we redployed LeoMobile for Open Beta and got instant approval.

We then announced our launch day for LeoMobile (IOS) as October 21st, 2021.

The day before we were set to launch, Apple put the Testflight App under review because they flagged it for being similar to our closed Alpha app.

It took months of begging, pleading and calling Apple on the phone but we finally ended up getting LeoMobile approved in the IOS Testflight program.

Due to that delay, we turned our attention toward Android in the meantime. We managed to work on the Android version of LeoMobile and deploy it to the Google Play store in under 2 weeks... That was a true feat of strength from our (now) larger development team and more organized method of working on projects.

November 1st, 2021 Introducing PolyCUB | Preparing for Launch, Tokenomics, Airdrop Details & Partnerships


For months, we worked on PolyCUB. Our mission with PolyCUB is to build a truly incredible DeFi 2.0 platform from the ground up.

PolyCUB has changed through so many iterations to the mechanics, tokenomics and smart contracts governing the platform. It is unrecognizable from the original design, but we believe that all of this time and work has been well worth it.

The work we've done on PolyCUB will change LeoFinance and CubFinance forever. We're driving so much value back to LEO and CUB, it's truly astonishing.

The launch of CUB went incredibly well. So well that all of our systems overloaded (as discussed earlier in this recap post).

The launch of POLYCUB will be 10x bigger, better and more sustainable. We've spent all of these months building the best possible platform we can build while adding a lot of beef to the existing infrastructure behind LeoFinance and CubFinance.

It's incredibly important to us to build amazing tools with real value for our community. Building for the long-term is always what we have in mind and this often means delaying launches to ensure that we do our best work.

In this post, we introduced the finalized mechanics of PolyCUB and seeded the ground with the community before we get ready to launch it. The launch has been delayed so many times but these delays have been for great reasons and LEO and CUB are WAY better off for it.

November 8th, 2021 PolyCUB Mechanics Spotlight | Protocol-Controlled Value


PolyCUB has shaken up the LeoFinance ecosystem (in all the great ways we expected it to). Building on the lessons learned - successes and failures - of all of LeoFinance's prior launches, we're aiming to do this one much better than the past.

One of the main questions we've been seeing are related to the $1,000,000+ PolyCUB token airdrop to CUB 💎🐾s (no surprise there). The airdrop details and participation instructions will be featured in one of these spotlight posts.

PolyCUB has become the main focus of the LeoFinance community as of late. There is great reason for this ($1,000,000 airdrop to CUB holders, being a big one)... But PolyCUB represents the same thing that CUB represented when it launched:

An extension to an entirely new market and yet another layer on our DeFi branch that will propel the entire LeoFinance community into the future.

PolyCUB has deflationary mechanics through Protocol Controlled Value and the principles of RFV and platforms like OHM. In this post, we spotlighted the mechanics we built into PolyCUB to build PCV and a sustainable future for our Polygon extension of CubFinance.

November 17th, 2021 LeoMobile: LeoFinance's Hive-Based Web3 App Updated in the Google Play Store + LeoInfra V3 in Final Testing


Again, despite the IOS App Store giving us a headache over Testflight Approval, we continued our development of LeoMobile and the surrounding infrastructure that will make it great (and seed the ground for ProjectBlank's release).

In this post, we discussed the major update we deployed to the Google Play Store to fix a number of bug issues. We also were about to hit 200 downloads on the Android app just shortly after its release (and despite the issues the first version had - where you couldn't even publish a post).


We also discussed the release of LeoInfra V3. We started private testing LeoInfra V3 which released a number of infrastructure improvements and also added Facebook Lite Accounts for the Hive Blockchain - the first and only mechanism for Web3 Lite Accounts!

If you want the video version of these updates, check out this Clip of the LeoMobile App Development Updates.


November 28th, 2021 Call to Action! | Hive and LeoFinance Mentioned As One of The Top Ways to Earn Crypto!


LeoFinance started getting some positive press from a few different sites toward the end of November and Early December.

One major shoutout we got was from Whiteboard Crypto who mentioned LeoFinance as one of the top 10 ways to earn crypto!

We ran this initiative to spread awareness about this and get more outside traction. We saw a record number of signups follow this event.


December 10th, 2021 Airdrop Madness! | Hive Blockchain Airdrops, PolyCUB Airdrop, IDO #2 Airdrop!?


In this clip from the weekly AMA, we talk about the Airdrops happening for the Hive community. The POLYCUB airdrop is set to happen any day now for CUB holders and the Hive blockchain is also supposed to get 2 major airdrops from 3sepeak and Ragnarok.

We also saw the awareness that these Hive-based airdrops were getting and recommended to the IDO #2 team to consider doing an airdrop to HIVE holders in addition to the airdrop to CUB holders and subsequent IDO.

After that chat, we think it's highly likely that you'll see IDO #2 airdrop to HIVE Holders, CUB Holders and then run the first of many IDOs on the CubFinance V2 Launchpad.

December 13th, 2021 LeoFinance NFTs, Play-to-Earn Games and New Subcommunities Mobile App Feature


LeoFinance is always looking for ways to expand and further fulfill our mission of expanding the width and depth of the LeoFinance Web3 Community.

The metaverse has gotten a lot of attention lately and NFTs are here to stay. In this clip from the weekly AMAs, we talked about LeoNFTs and a full-stack Web3 experience on LeoMobile.

December 17th, 2021 LeoMobile is Now Live on IOS! | A Fast, Seamless and Intuitive Web3 Experience


We finally did it! LeoMobile got Apple Testflight approval after the initial issue with us being flagged for deploying the app twice.

Now, we have multiple versions deployed but we have them deployed in various testing "sandboxes" using Apple's framework. This allows us to have multiple versions out with the approval of Apple - since they know that it's us who has multiple versions and not people trying to maliciously deploy similar applications.

In this update post, we also talked about LeoLightning and LeoInfra V3. Throughout the end of 2021, we spent a lot of time building our foundational frameworks for the future. These frameworks are necessary for the future of LeoFinance and ProjectBlank as it is eventually rolled out.

All of these frameworks combined is what makes a radical innovation like Project Blank possible.

December 25th, 2021 Introducing Hivestats V3 | Featured Content, New Price Displays, APY Opportunities & HBD Implementation


Merry Christmas 🦁 we have a little Christmas surprise planned for the community. We just released Hivestats V3 into production.

We didn't want to come to the LeoFinance Christmas Party empty handed!

On Christmas day, we released Hivestats V3 into production. This update brought a few cool features to the Hivestats interface along with a massive round of API updates and bug fixes.

It had been a year since the last Hivestats updates and that is crazy... The reason for the matrix-sized delay in V2 -> V3 was for many of the reasons outlined throughout this 2021 recap: growing pains.

As we continued our expansion in early 2021 with the release of CubFinance and our focus on Smart Contract-based efforts, we spread our small team out far to thin.

We grew and expanded our ambition much further than our team. Since then, we've focused on expanding the team itself and growing with the developments as opposed to fighting the tides against them.

In December, we had our most recent hire and brought on another full stack dev to the team. His first mission has been making a wide range of updates to the Hivestats application before tackling other aspects of the LeoFinance project.

Side note: we're currently interviewing another full stack dev and are avidly looking for more devs of all kinds for the LeoFinance project. Our expansion has far from stopped: it's happening exponentially in front of your eyes!

December 30th, 2021 Introducing Hivestats V3 Phase 2 | Rewritten Backend and 60x Speed Improvement + 500 LEO Bounty Contest


Ah ending the year on a fantastic note. Hivestats V3 is set to roll out in 3 phases. The first phase introduced 2 new features and a massive round of bug fixes.

Phase 2 focused on adding more features and displays and Phase 3 finalizes many of these changes with a couple more feature-adds.

The Phase 2 release was our final update to close out the year of 2021.

We also integrated a massive overhaul to the backend which optimized the loading of data on Hivestats 6 ways from Sunday. It's really incredible to see the results (we posted a demo on Twitter with a side-by-side comparison. Hivestats V3 outperformed V2 by 60x speed in many aspects).


If you made it this far, let me start by congratulating you. This post was always intended to be a lengthy recap, but pushing 15,000 words has made this feel like a marathon to write... I imagine you'll have a similar feeling after reading it.

The year 2021 has been an incredibly challenging year. We've had to grow a lot as an organization. We've had to learn a lot from what we've been working on. There's been a seemingly endless stream of challenges as we continued to expand the team and what we thought was possible for LeoFinance.

Sitting here on January 3rd, 2022 and comparing LeoFinance today to LeoFinance in 2021 gives me a feeling of inspiration.

Elon Musk said this quote in an interview a few years back:

“Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.”

This year has drilled local meaning to this quote right into my brain. It's been a trying year for the whole team and for myself as we learned to navigate this crazy and ever-evolving landscape we call crypto.

The journey of starting LeoFinance and getting to this point has been the most fun thing I've ever done. The past few years have been a mix of growth, pain, inspiration and immense joy. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years of building LeoFinance and all of our applications as we drive forward the principles of Web3 as one of the first tokenized communities in the world.

Thank you for being an essential part of this journey. Let's crush 2022 and deliver on all these amazing projects we've been working on 🦁



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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5 mo (edited)

Overall checking it from another perspective, I will agree 2022 is a year for Leofinance.

A lot that was achieved. A lot of obstacles overcomed and a lot of great height the Leofinance community was able to achieve beyond imagination and expectations.

This is to show where and the starting point and the going pace Leofinance is still going to achieve.

I believe the future will still be great most especially 2022 have in stocks ahead.

I am seeing generally 2022 a year for the crypto space generally

5 mo (edited)

Introduction of LeoMobile and the deployment of it to Google Play Store is one of the massive achievement I really celebrate this year.

I am looking forward to see the new and exciting program that LeoFinance have in-stocks for us in 2022. Once again a resounding clap and appreciate to the leadership team of LeoFinance for the job well done in 2021.


Efforts and risks taken are appreciated and the team is really on the path of building LeoFinance token to be recognized all over the world 👍
Well done guys


I really missed alot last year by not following leofinance and been inactive on hive. I have to sit down and read all this post one after the other to gain full knowledge this is a new year and am not ready to miss anything again imagine I did not even know leofinance has an app for mobile phone and that the leo token has much benefits like this.


I skipped the second part as I was in hurry to read your conclusions :) I am glad and proud to say that I dabbled into all the initiatives Leofinance put forward so far. I will get involved in all the future projects as well. Good luck for the next 10 years on Leofinance.

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What a year 2021 was. Great work from the Leo team keeping up with the roadmaps and bringing exciting features to it's community. It's no small feat doing all this, so I must commend you all. I believe this new year will be much better. I believe this is the year leofinance breaks out to the world. Best wishes

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I believe the expansion in the dev team will greatly benefit the leo economy. Running a company isn't as easy as it seems in the thinking phase, but the ability to stay put and develop brings sustainable growth like we've seen..

With more to come, I can say at this time that We are all impressed

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Awesome from the teams of Leo finance, imagine what 2021 was with this great achievement from you guys so now dreaming how 2022 gonna be 8n this community. Truth be said you are awesome teams

5 mo

A lot I already know :)

IMO cross-chain can be the core product of LEO, this has the opportunity to generate massive revenue and profit stakeholders.

When polycub = soon TM? :D


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2021 leofinance achieved a lot and I’m hoping this year will be a better one 🙂


The year 2021 no doubt was a success in the blockchain with leofinance introducing so many quality features to enhance the blockchain which am really impressed with and glad to witness as well and I appreciate the effort of the Leofinance team working to see that the platform enhance to another level and the year 2022 will bring more success to the blockchain.

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That have been a huge year for Leofinance and seeing more and more développeurs are being recruited is promising !
Can't wait to see what 2022 will bring to us !

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5 mo

Awesome achievements for 2021, lets bring on 2022


2021 - A year to be remembered...

  1. BOOM1.jpg


Read how this all have started with Toruk

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I'm happy to be part of this success story @leofinance. The huge development experienced at leofinance revealed strong team, determined and community-focused team.

The products been released by the team opens multiple ways for the community members to earn passively in a seamless environment. When considering the launch of CubDeFi.com (CubFinance), it commanded huge adoption that connect people from Binance smart chain to have a close look at leofinance community which thereby increase numbers of new user on Hive Blockchain.

Constant AMA increase community interaction with the team and this also increase the project knowledge for the community members. Should I continue to talk about development and upgrades within the community that increase the comfortability of users especially on leofinance platform? The 15,000 words articles already revealed this and I will bookmark this for future reference.

Great work in 2021 team and hope to see amazing work which will increase the growth of Leofinance and Hive Blockchain in general. We are hoping to see the polygon-based Cub soon and people are anticipating 🚀

We continue to support the team in our own little way.


This is a crazy multi-volume post and I must confess I went through them like the train and stopped in different train stations to remember some of the milestones reached. As I see it 2021 laid the foundation for what is to come and fully expand in the additional ecosystems to capture value and growth. May 2022 be the year of Leo Finance and make the lions roar!!!!

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Great work peepz!


I came to look at the Sci-Fi Channel and I get Turner Movie Classics.

2021 was booked a few days ago. Stop living in the past and get back to the future.

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5 mo

This shows a serious and dedicated team. 2022 can only be better.


And 2022 will be even bigger for us with, such a great work done in the whole year.


The Roar of Leo heard all over the Hive blockchain in 2021. The commitment and Dedication of Leo Team is amazing and this really gives confidence to all Leo users. Thank you so much for working hard to bring best experience to us. Definitely Next gonna be much better and bigger. Good to see Leo Team is expanding, Keep it up guys. 😊👍 !LUV


@vikbuddy(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><


IDO #2 doing a possible airdrop to HIVE hodlers would be a nice surprise to many unknowing HIVErs. It will likely bring over anyone from hive that isn't already on cub.

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The year 2021 was challenging but you keep improving constantly and making a massive development at the long run. This gave somebody like a reason to invest more everyday in Leo finances. Year 2022 will be better and i so much believe in your team

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It as been a very engaging year so far,let see what is in stock for this year too.
Congratulations to those that has made it this far


It is mind blowing how fast this is happening and i cant wait to try it all out.
But i would also want a referral system added to leofinance (1-2% of referres earning directly from the supply)IDK if that will cause a problem to the supply but iI would love to know.

@khaleelkazi i want to start my programmimg/coding journey i would love to get guidiance from you.

Thank you


A great year all round, looking forward to what this year has to offer


Whoa! Just finished the recap!

This post was always intended to be a lengthy recap, but pushing 15,000 words has made this feel like a marathon to write... I imagine you'll have a similar feeling after reading it.

Hell yeah! Feeling so great about how far LEO and everything related has come. You guys are some amazing people. You deserve the best things in life. Thanks for all the building :) You've got my sincere gratitude.


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I gave 100% to this post for many reasons, the writing really feels like a marathon second I thought I knew all that is going on in LEO but I see that are some programs that I just heard of now and I want to say that this needs big work so I want to say well done trying to manage all of this and progress at the same time pls keep it up. next, I will be going to learn about the SPS-BNB cause I see that their many good reports I will like to know more about and get my feet wet in it. since I am an android user I will say when the app was lunch I was so excited that I got to the Leo 2.4.7 but sadly my application is not opening for now and that is why I still use the web view. if you ever need to test the application I will be happy to help out.
lastly, I see Leo is still under development but that does and I am a programmer but not yet finished with the schooling so if there is a small mini task that requires programming knowledge I am still free for the year, DM anytime it will be great to help out any way I can.
I appreciate all your work.


Tip sent bcoz you're a good Twitter promoter. Keep doing a good job!


Going through this, I must say that I have more reasons to invest in Leofinance.