What The Hell is Going on With LeoMobile?

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Ah LeoMobile, our illustrious and taxing friend. Many of you already know that we've had a wild rollercoaster ride when it comes to mobile apps. Some of you are in the testflight for LeoMobile and many have proclaimed how much they enjoy the mobile experience that we built.

That being said, Mobile has presented us with a ridiculous number of challenges. We still plan to release LeoMobile but since the Everything App vision, we decided to put some of the development on hold and push all hands on deck to The Everything App (leofinance.io).

The new UI is built in a mobile-first approach. Instead of a native mobile app, it's a web app that can seamlessly be used between desktop and mobile. This is step 1). of our mobile vision. Rather than be beholden to app stores and their long wait times and potentially being removed from the platform (even Twitter was almost removed from Apple's App store), we're making an unstoppable web app.

Then we're merging that code base with LeoMobile to create an incredible native mobile app as well. This plan was talked about several times over the past year. We're still making headway on that goal but now we're doing it entirely with the new UI as opposed to trying to tap LeoMobile into the old LeoFinance UI.

The Everything App takes shape. 1 code base to rule them all.

In this clip:

  • There’s a lot of things to do with the mobile app since the most recent hardfork
  • The idea is to build a better desktop interface so the browser brings an “app experience”
  • Twitter already does this, it makes the User experience be pretty much the same as in app

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Honestly if the new UI is mobile friendly by default then there's really not much reason for a app that needs to constantly be updated all the time. Instead the app could be as simple as when clicked it opens LeoFinance.io

What benefits come from building a full app, the expense of it and management of it if the UI is already mobile friendly?

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Hey! I'm new user and this post has golden links. Thanks 4 share

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Wait... Did you just say it's gonna be ready by Christmas 🎅? 😦.

That's 11months away bruh


It's all about speed, if there is a way to get Leo moving a Smartphone really fast. Do that!

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The biggest problem with centralized platforms is still deplatforming. As you point out, it doesn’t matter how big or famous you are. If Twitter can get deplatformed from the Apple Store so can you, I or We. I think making LeoMobile a web based app was smart.

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