WLEO is Now Listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap (Again) + Important Developer Updates

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Our ERC20 token - Wrapped LEO (WLEO) - is finally listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap (again). Now you can track the WLEO token on these major aggregators and other major crypto tracking sites that utilize their data feeds.

Getting WLEO relisted on these aggregators was an incredibly lengthy process. We didn't expect it to take so long, but they required a lot of information including multiple emails and spreadsheets to update them on how our WLEO contract changed, why it changed, where tokens are held etc.

The result is a more accurate listing than before. Although we are not able to get our Market Cap ranking (yet). More info on our progress to get this ranking is later in this post.




It took 9 emails back and forth with Coingecko to get our listing updated. These sites (Gecko + CMC) have very odd work hours. Emailing them usually accompanies a 2-3 day wait time for a response back.

I started the process of updating our listings within an hour of the WLEO launch over 3 weeks ago. WLEO was finally updated on Coingecko on November 25th.



I waited to put out this announcement post that our listings were updated until CMC was also updated. CoinMarketCap took even longer than Coingecko due to their long support wait times.

The CMC listing was finally updated just a few hours ago on December 2nd.



Ironically, it took the exact same number of emails back and forth to get the listing updated on CMC (9 emails). The issue was that CMCs response time was more like every 4-5 days, so it took several more days to get this listing updated.


Needless to say, working with these data aggregators is kind of a pain in the ass. Necessary, but a pain nonetheless.

Advanced Listing - MCap Rank & More

One of the things that took a bit longer was my negotiations with them to try and get our Market Cap Rank added and accurate supply data.

If you head over to these listings, you'll notice a ? next to much of this information. The reason for this is that an "advanced listing" on these data aggregators requires more data.

Save for a few exceptions, CMC and Coingecko only give advanced listings to tokens that have multiple exchanges and a certain level of trading volume. Given the fact that WLEO is currently only traded on Uniswap, we were told that 1-2 more exchange connections were needed to get the full listing - market cap ranking and proper supply figures.

The good news is that we're already working on our next exchange listing. More info on this will be released in early 2021 as we're preparing some other important launch materials before then.

I've been going through a lengthy process of filtering out exchanges that we don't want to list on and finding the pros and cons of the ones we do want to list on. I've also had several people with more experience in this arena help me in this process.

While we could just go out and list on a bunch of "shitexchanges" and get our 3 exchange cap that way, I don't believe in just listing WLEO anywhere and calling it a day.

We have limited liquidity and the goal of LeoFinance is to create a platform of long-term value. Not pump and dump ourselves on some rando exchange.

With that said, I've been given a lot of materials from the multitude of exchanges that I've been in contact with. All of this material has been extremely beneficial in various ways and you'll see a few different things come together before our exchange listing in light of what we've learned through this process.

I can give you a broad idea of what the "exchange flow" will look like:

  • WLEO will first list on a major DEX (Uniswap) ✔️
  • WLEO will list on a small cap exchange (Early 2021 - TBA)
  • WLEO will list on a mid cap exchange (Early in 2021 - TBA)
  • WLEO will list on a large cap exchange (Later in 2021)

Again, a very broad and vague look at what the plan is in regards to exchanges. The goal here is that a small cap listing will be relatively cheap and will satisfy the requirements of these data aggregators. Getting our "advanced listing" on these sites is extremely important.

What I said about the exchange we choose (whether small cap or not) still stands. We want to list on an exchange that isn't known for blatant manipulation and pump & dumps (harder to find than you might think).

We've got our sights set on 1-2 different small cap exchanges. The current status is that we're negotiating our listing and preparing other materials to make the most of it. More news on this will likely be released toward the end of December / early January.

Developer Updates

If you've been following along with our M2M roadmap, then you'll know that we've hit a few delays. Again, this roadmap contains internal targets. Sometimes we hit these targets as planned and other times it takes longer to to develop certain aspects of the project.

The last update we gave on this roadmap was the WLEO (re)launch. This happened in mid-November.

LeoFinance Roadmap PROGRESS 2.png

The remaining 3 items on our November roadmap are:

  1. LeoInfra V2
  2. LeoFinance V2 P2
  3. LeoDex V6

LeoInfra V2 has taken longer than expected to develop. One of the reasons for the delay is that we've decided to include 3 new signup options (instead of the 1 option we planned to release V2 with). This is due to some issues we faced with Hiveonboard.

Due to these issues, we've decided to create what is essentially our own direct Hive signup option (as opposed to the current iteration of the site which uses Hiveonboard for direct Hive signups):


LeoInfra V2 should launch this week. We're in the final stages of the release. When it goes live, you'll be able to signup on LeoFinance.io using:

  1. Metamask (Lite Account - as seen today with LeoInfra V1)
  2. Twitter (Lite Account)
  3. Phone # (Direct Hive Signup)
  4. Twitter Verification (Direct Hive Signup)

Lite Accounts

Metamask Lite Accounts were our first development for the LeoFinance onboarding process. We call these "lite" accounts because they are able to do everything on the site but the user doesn't actually hold the keys (yet).

The way these lite accounts work is that a user is able to signup to the site using the given integration (now Metamask and soon Twitter) but they don't have to download their keys. This allows users to start using LeoFinance.io and Hive in less than 20 seconds via their preferred wallet/Web2 app integration.

On the backend, we create a Hive account for them using the Username they sign up with. The user can take over this Hive account by downloading (decrypting) the Hive keys for it. We prompt the user to do this via the LeoFinance wallet UI. Once a user takes control of the Hive account with the keys directly, you could consider this to be a "full account" instead of a "lite account".

There are some misconceptions with this process. I.e. some think that these users have limitations. They do not have any real limitations. They have a Hive account just like everyone else. The key difference (pun intended) is that they don't hold the keys to that Hive account. This makes for an easier user experience but also means that it's not their keys, not their crypto. The user can download their keys at any time and instantly become a "full Hive user".

LeoInfra V2 will enable this same lite account procedure for Twitter users.

V2 will also bring "full Hive accounts" directly to our onboarding process. This will allow users who want to immediately sign up for a Hive account and take control of their keys to do so by verifying with their phone # (similar to Hiveonboard) or with their Twitter account.

In short, LeoInfra V1 made it easier than ever to get started on Hive/LeoFinance if you had a Metamask wallet.

LeoInfra V2 brings a radical update to the "Get Started" dialog on LeoFinance and opens the doors to the masses by allowing them to sign up with Metamask (Lite), Twitter (Lite), Phone # (Full), Twitter (Full).

It's pretty amazing and I've been excited for the past several weeks to release it. Small delays, but the release will be even better than most anticipated. Stay tuned for the launch this week.

LeoFinance.io V2 P2

Quick update on V2 P2 - the final piece in this puzzle is the new onboarding dialog. This obviously can't be released until LeoInfra V2 is launched so they will be completed simultaneously.

All of the other features for V2 P2 of the UI have already been rolled out. Many of you have already noticed many of these updates like the VP bar in the top right, auto post to Twitter, auto reblog, Curator's Picks page, new Widgets, WLEO wallet UI, schedule posts, etc. etc.

There were more than 20 new features in this update. We'll do a massive post that will talk in-depth on all of these new features after V2 P2 is officially completed this week.

The latest update was the Actions Queue feature. This is one of my favorites for a number of reasons. The best thing it does is make using the site 10x faster.

If you're a LeoFinance power user, then you probably make a lot of upvotes and comments each day.

Before the Actions Queue was released (less than a week ago), you had to wait each time you hit the upvote or comment button. If you didn't wait, the site would kick you back with errors saying that you could only do actions every x seconds - this was due to blockchain confirmation times.

With the actions queue, you can do any blockchain-based action rapidly. The UI reads your action and then sends it to the LeoInfra database. The database will queue up your actions so that you can do the next one instantaneously without waiting for the previous action to hit the Hive blockchain.

This feature is one of those backend things that most people won't notice but it's there and it's already saving me an enormous amount of time. The UX is light years better with it in my opinion.

We have another major update along similar lines coming in the next week or so. This will bring another massive update to the backend of our UI which will add a database layer for all of the data displayed on LeoFinance.io. You may have heard us tease it in the LEO roundtable. More info coming soon.

December will be our busiest month of updates yet. Stay tuned for the Dec. M2M roadmap later this week 🦁

and yes @trumpman, an Ad report too



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