Multi-Token Bridge: Taking CUB and HIVE to New Horizons

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The Multi-Token Bridge - bHIVE and bHBD - has continued to grow and expand its reach on CubFinance. The MTB has brought the CUB economy to places where it has never been before and it is also doing the same for HIVE and HBD trading.

The goal is two-fold:

  1. Finally deploy HIVE and HBD trading to decentralized exchanges - something that is highly valuable to the Hive ecosystem
  2. Create revenue-generating mechanisms for the CUB DAO to benefit from and ultimately earn revenue to buyback and burn CUB

We're achieving both of these with each passing day. Liquidity continues to increase for both bHIVE and bHBD and the trading volume is scaling right along side it.

In November, the total revenue generated from the bridge was $9,125. We're about to deploy arb bot 2.0 which - we hope - will 2-3x the current revenue on CUB. This would flippen us deflationary on CUB as more CUB would be bought and burned each mont than is paid out to LPs!

Our goal is to slowly grind up the liquidity of bHIVE and bHBD - and it's working. Each month, the liquidity in these pools is higher than the month before. We're slowly closing the gap on what's paid out in LP rewards ($15k per month) and revenue from the bridge ($9k per month).

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Cub finance is doing well and I'm happy I joined. Let's trust the process

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Great revenue increase and improved mechanics that should strengthen the CUB price in time. Hopefully, together with a market reversal and bull run, CUB will start shining again. I am a long-term investor and a true believer in CUB, so seeing these improvements I might see positive returns.

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Cub finance is definitely doing massively well and investor's will be very pleased to have seen this growth too

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wen avax :p

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