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SplinterGlossary: Fatigue

After fighting for a long time monsters get fatigued and their health gets affected every round.

Fatigue is an element that prevents battles that would otherwise go on forever to do so.

It begins at round 21 and it takes increasing health points (HP) from every monster on the field at the end of the round, until either there's no one left (in which case, it's a draw), or only one opponent has at least a unit standing and wins the match.

RoundHP Taken

It generally only takes a few extra rounds after fatigue kicks in to clear the lineups. Even when high-health and healed monsters are involved, the battle won't extend much further. Usually, the healers go down first because they have lower health.

Immunity or armor doesn't help against fatigue.

Fatigue can't be cleansed, and it applies to the bottom team first (this matters, if, for example, the top team has one or more scavengers still standing or self-healing monsters).

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