LeoGlossary: Microblogging

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A short piece of content that is design for quick interaction with an audience. This is a medium on the Internet that is shorter than its longer form counterpart, blogging.

Microblogs are in a variety of formats:

  • text
  • video
  • audio
  • images

The most popular social media applications have microblogging.

Leofinance seeks to be one of the first to bring microblogging to the blockchain. With the upcoming release of "Threads" it is testing out the infrastructure on the Hive network for this purpose.

By using Hive for the purpose of microblogging, it allows for the incorporation of cryptocurrency into a Web 3.0 dynamic. Since Hive is a decentralized database, the data is posted on chain. This makes it immutable.

At the same time, tokens can be utilized for the purpose of distributed reward pools under the Proof-of-Brain mechanism.

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