LeoGlossary: Proof of Sharing (POSH) Token

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How to get a Hive Account

The Proof of Sharing (POSH) token is designed to incentivize individuals to share Web 3.0 articles and posting on Twitter. This is meant to promote the features and capabilities of Hive, the blockchain that these articles are posted on.

Individuals first sign up by linking their Hive and Twitter accounts. This allows activities on Twitter to be rewarded with tokens in the individual's wallet. It in important because one can also earn the blockchain's native coin, also called HIVE, for their efforts.

Once the sign process is completed, one simply shares links to different Hive-based content on Twitter. For each that is put up, a comment is placed by the software on the post. This is tied to the individual account that sent out the article.

Rewards are earned based upon upvotes of the comment. Since Hive uses a proof-of-brain system, a daily reward pool is available to both author and curators. In this instance, the one sharing the links is considered the "author" of the comment.

After the voting period ends, which is 7 days, the appropriate coins are distributed in the form of HIVE.

This is only one part of the process.

POSH is a token that resides on a sidechain called Hive-Engine. This also uses the same proof-of brain concept, with a daily pool of tokens being awarded. Those who participate in the marketing and sharing of content are also rewarded with POSH.

This project show the versatility of cryptocurrency. The ability to incentive any behavior is becoming the norm. By coupling this with blockchain, we see how people can be rewarded for taking action. Often these activities are already being performed, just without any payout.

Here is where we see the potential of Web 3.0.


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