LeoGlossary: Riftwatchers mini-edition

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SplinterGlossary: Riftwatchers mini-edition

Rift Gems (i.e. Riftwatchers) is the mini-set linked to the Chaos Legion edition.

The mini-set contains 43 cards in total (+1 promo card), 13 common, 12 rare, 6 epic (Summoners), and 12 legendary (including 5 airdrops, not including the limited edition promo card) and each pack costs 5 USD worth of SPS + 1 VOUCHER.

The presale starts on 15 September 2022 and the estimated release of Riftwatchers will be on 27 September.

There are a number of 3 million packs offered for sale.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Riftwatchers packs will go to the SPS DAO, which is controlled by the SPS stakeholders.

The Riftwatchers cards are suitable for both the Modern and the Wild formats of the game.

Riftwatchers Set & Presale Announcement
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