LeoGlossary: Rshares (Reward Points)

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SplinterGlossary: Rshares (Reward Points)

Rshares (or reward points) are earned when a player from Bronze 3 and above (who has the Summoner's Spellbook) wins a game.

The reward points are named

  • season points or
  • focus points

depending on the type of rewards they contribute toward: for the season rewards or for the daily focus rewards.

Rshares are earned based on this formula:

Rshares = (rating * (1 - % starter cards))3/10002 * bonuses

We can notice that two elements are very important in determining the earned RP:

  • the number of starter cards used (the more they are, the fewer RP; all starter cards, no rewards!)
  • the player's rating, which is cubed in the formula; note that the rating is capped at the league's max limit in the calculation of RP - this information is important for players who play for the leaderboard and don't move up to the higher league.

As for bonuses, they can positively impact the RP. Bonuses start from 1 in the formula of Rshares when no bonus is active. If, for example, reward bonuses are 75%, then bonuses in the above formula are 1,75.


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