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What is Splinterlands?

SplinterGlossary is an extensive glossary of terms and definitions for Splinterlands. It is built independently from Splinterlands, the company. But it is intended as a resource you can link to from your Splinterlands-related content.

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Splinterlands-related lists:

List of Editions List of Splinters / Elements List of Leagues in Ranked Battles List of Abilities List of Rulesets List of Ability-Based Daily Focuses List of Token Names on Hive-Engine for Splinterlands Digital Assets
List of Guild-Related Terms List of Tournament-Related Terms List of Land terms List of Splinterlands Titles List of General Gaming Terms


Abilities Abundant (Epic) Land Account Profile Affliction Ability Aim True Ruleset Aimless Ruleset Alchemy Potion Alpha Edition Amplify Ability Anytime Tournament Are You Not Entertained? Ruleset Armor Armored Up Ruleset Atomic Hub Attack Order Attack Power (Damage) Attack Type Attack Accuracy (Evading, Missing Attacks) ΛZMΛRÉ Dice mini-edition


Back to Basics Ruleset Backfire Ability Backline (Position) Badlands Terrain Type Base Card Experience (BCX) Beta Edition Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blast Ability Blind Ability Blockchain Game Blood Stone Bloodlust Ability Bog Terrain Type Booster Packs Boss Fights Bottled Storms Magical Resource Brawls Brawls - SPS Rewards Briar Patch Ruleset Broken Arrows Ruleset Bronze League Buffs Buildings Building Upgrades Burning Cards


Caldera Terrain Type Camouflage Ability Canyon Terrain Type Card Card Attributes / Stats Card Level Card Market Card Rarities Card Staking Card Types Cards Airdrops Cards Unbounding Castle Circulating Supply Challenge Opponent Champion League Champion Points Chaos Legion Edition Cleanse Ability Close Range Ability Close Range Ruleset Collectible / Trading Card Game (C/TCG) Collection Collection Power (CP) Combining Cards Common Card Conscript Ability Cool Down Counterspell Ruleset Credits Cripple Ability Crowns


Daily Focus (Mission) Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) DEC-Batteries (DEC-B) Deathblow Ability Death Splinter Debuffs Deck Demoralize Ability Desert Terrain Type Diamond League Digital Assets Dispel Ability Divine Shield Ability Dodge Ability Double Strike Ability Dragon Splinter


Earth Splinter Earthquake Ruleset Editions Elements Equal Opportunity Ruleset Equalizer Ruleset End-of-Season (EOS) Energy Capture Rate (ECR) - removed Energy System (Ranked Battles) Enrage Ability Epic Card Essence Harvesting Essence Orb mini-edition/Promo Cards Even Stevens Ruleset Explosive Weaponry Ruleset


Fatigue Ferocity Ruleset Fertile (Rare) Land Fire & Regret Ruleset Fire Splinter Flying Ability Fog of War Ruleset Foils Forcefield Ability Forest Terrain Type Fray Frontline Fury Ability


Game Economy Gameplay Gaming Genesis League Goals Genesis League Sports Giant Killer Ability Gladiator Tournaments Gladiators Gladius Case Going the Distance Ruleset Gold Foil (GF) Gold Foil Legendary (GFL) Gold League Grain Natural Resource Guild Guild Hall Guild Lodge Guild Arena Guild Barracks Guild Store


Halving Ability Headwinds Ability Heal Ability Healing Abilities Healed Out Ruleset Health Heavy Hitters Ruleset Heliostones Magical Resource Hills Terrain Type Hive Hive-Engine Holy Protection Ruleset


Immunity Ability Inspire Ability Item & Spell Manufacturing Items


Jungle Terrain Type


Keep Keep Your Distance Ruleset Knock Out Ability


Lake Terrain Type Land Land 1.5 - Power Source Land 1.5 - Production Points Land 1.5 - Runi Bonuses Land Claims Land Deeds Land Categories Land Plot Land Plot Surveying Land Surveying - Starter Packages (Building in a Box, Time Vault, Unstable Totem) Land Rarities Land Resources Land Terrain Types Land Transportation Elements Land Worker Land Workers Food Last Stand Ability League League Caps / Limits Legendary Card Legendary Potion Life Leech Ability Life Splinter Little League Ruleset Loot Chest Lost Legendaries Ruleset Lost Magic Ruleset


Magic Reflect Ability Magical Land Category Magical Resource Harvesting Magical Resource Storage Mana Cost/Cap Martyr Ability Mavericks Maxing Out a Card Melee Mayhem Ruleset Merits Meta (Gaming) Modern Format Monster Mountain Terrain Type


Natural Land Category Neutral Card Non-Card Market Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Novice League Noxious Fumes Ruleset


Occupied Land Plot Category Odd Ones Out Ruleset Open Tournament Opportunity Ability Oppress Ability Ore Natural Resource Overflowing (Legendary) Land


PeakMonsters Phase Ability Piercing Ability Plains Terrain Type Play2Earn Player versus Player (PvP) Poison Ability Potions Power Stone Practice Mode Praetoria Primary Market Print Limit Promo Card Protect Ability




Ranked Battles Rare Card Rating Reach Ability Rebellion Edition Rebirth Ability Recharge Ability Reclaimed Souls Magical Resource Redemption Ability Referral Bonuses Reflection Shield Ability Region Regular Foil Rental Market Repair Ability Resurrect Ability Retaliate Ability Return Fire Ability Reverse Speed Ruleset Reward Bonuses Reward Card Reward Token Riftwatchers mini-edition Rise of the Commons Ruleset River Terrain Type Rshares - Reward Points (RP) Rulesets Runicore (Runi) - Generative NFTs Promo Card Rust Ability


Scattershot Ability Scavenger Ability Season Secondary Market Sets Shatter Ability Shield Ability Shop Silence Ability Silenced Summoners Ruleset Silver League Single-Elimination Tournament Sit-and-Go Tournament Skins Slow Ability Snare Ability Sneak Ability Snipe Ability SoulBound Asset SoulKeep (Tower Defense Game) Sparkstone Magical Resource Speed Spells Splinter Splinterfest Splinterlands Art Contest Week Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Splinterlands Tower Defense Game (SPLTD) Splinterlands TV Splintershards (SPS) Splintertalk (SPT Token) SPS Airdrop SPS Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) SPS DAO Proposals SPS Foundation / DAO SPS Node Validator SPS Node Validator License Spy Glass Stampede Ruleset Standard Ruleset Starter Cards (Ghost Cards) Stone Natural Resource Strengthen Ability Stun Ability Summoner Summoner's Spellbook Super Sneak Ruleset Swamp Terrain Type Swiftness Ability


Taking Sides Ruleset Tank Tank Heal Ability Target Practice Ruleset Taunt Ability Team Lineup Territory (Praetoria continent) The Grandmaster Title The Untamed Title The Explorer Title The Praetorian Title The Legionnaire Title The Watcher Title The Gambler Title The High Roller Title Thorns Ability Tis but Scratches Ruleset Titles Totems Tournament Limitations Tournaments Town Hall Tract Trample Ability Triage Ability True Strike Ability
Tundra Terrain Type


Ulana Seeds Magical Resource Unprotected Ruleset Untamed Edition Up Close & Personal Ruleset Up to Eleven Ruleset


Virtulium Magical Resource Void Ability Void Armor Ability Vouchers


Wands Out Ruleset Water Splinter WAX Weak Magic Ruleset Weaken Ability Weapons Training Ability What Doesn't Kill You Ruleset Wild Monster Essences Win Rate (Season) Win Streak Wild Format Wood Natural Resource


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