LeoGlossary: Veews (Hive)

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How to get a Hive Account

Veews is a front end that uses the data that is posted on the Hive blockchain. It was modeled after the design of the old social media application Stumbleupon.

It is an application that utilizes machine learning to deliver content that is in the liking of the individual. Users give either a thumbs up or down based upon if they want to see more, or less, of that type of content. Over time, as one uses the application, the learning engine is better able to develop a profile of the likes based upon keywords in tags, headings, and articles.

For the Hive ecosystem, this is one of the first applications that focuses upon content discovery. All blog level posts on the Hive blockchain are fed into the engine, allowing people find content that is in alignment with what they desire.

The application was released on November 30, 2022. To start, only information that was posted within the 7 day reward window is utilized. Over time, this will expand to include all information from the genesis block of the chain.

Users also have the ability to engage in Hive voting on the content they discover. This is done using the voting power just like any other application that is within the Hive ecosystem.

The application also allows for commenting on the different posts.


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