Contest: Leo Finance 'Then' vs 'Now' | 1500 $Leo prize pool!

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I've been around Leo for just a few months and the LeoVerse has already changed a lot since then and I can't even begin to imagine how much has changed since its inception.

We have more than 600 monthly active users, some of them have been part of Leo Finance since day one back at the legacy chain, some others joined when we all migrated to Hive, and some others have been part of this community for only a few days, but since the LeoVerse is constantly changing, improving, and receiving a lot of updates and social changes, this contest idea by @firstborn.pob takes a whole different meaning for each of us.

I wonder who can make the most thorough post describing and comparing how Leo Finance was back when they joined the platform vs how it is right now?

But why wonder if we can find out?

Make a post comparing Leo 'Then' vs 'Now'


We have Leo Power Up day coming on October 15th, and what better way to encourage Lions to join this contest than to have TEN prizes of 150 $Leo each to allow them to power up?

In case they want to power up of course, although it beats me why wouldn't they power up considering how huge the prize pool is

There are only 3 requirements to join this contest:

  1. Make a post talking about how Leo Finance was 'then' vs 'now'. Then means when you joined, now means well, today. Make this post as detailed and thorough as you want, the better the post, the better chances it has to win one of the ten prizes!
  2. Publish this using the leofinance.io frontend or use the tag 'leofinance'. Also use the tag 'backvsthen' so our curators can find your post!
  3. Make a thread to promote your post. Talk a little bit about what the post is about - don't just drop the link with no description lol - AND tag 3 other Lions, bonus points for tagging people from outside the Leo ecosystem!
  4. Make a Tweet linking back to your leofinance.io post. Go into detail about what is Leo Finance and explain what your post is about so more people hear about Leo! Use the hashtags #hive #blog2earn, #leofinance and #crypto. Heads up, this also earns you #posh tokens by @acidyo, so make sure to link your Twitter account on hiveposh.com

That's it! Fulfill those three simple requirements and you are now eligible to win one of the prizes.

You have until Sunday, October 1st at 23:59 PDT to make your post

Some tips:

If you don't know what to talk about, you can always go the safe way and talk about how the interface was back then, what features it lacked, how easy was it to use, the social initiatives, the DeFi scene (if there was one), the internal market (leodex), the community initiatives (like leomarkettalk, engagement league) and everything around the LeoVerse (not just leofinance.io but also all the other projects that are part of the ecosystem) AND compare that to how it is right now!

ProTip: We now have Community Pages, Threads, leogrowth contests, lightning network, an improved Leopedia and Leodex, a couple of DeFi projects, Hive community contests sponsorships, and much more! Do your own research and try to remember how Leo was when you joined the Lion Pride!

Bonus points

Posts that talk about what they would LOVE TO SEE implemented on leofinance.io or the DeFi projects will earn some points for deciding who wins! So make sure to also go in-depth about what you want to see on Leo Finance in the near future!

Disclaimer: Anyone can join this contest, even if you just joined Leo Finance today, you can just talk about everything happening in the LeoVerse as of today and describe what you like the most!

All the liquid HBD from this post will be used to sponsor community driven contests from the HIVE ecosystem, so spare a vote!

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